Thanksgiving Blank Thursday

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 100:4

Categories: Thanksgiving
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Has our perception of Thanksgiving Day hit an all-time low when its greatest claim to fame is that this is the day before the Black Friday shopping spree?

Cast: 1 likely female

Costumes: leisure wear

Props: shopping bags

Sample of script:

(comes in with several shopping bags)

Here I am . . . All ready for the big day tomorrow!

Looks into audience as though listening, then reacts in shock

What day you ask?
Well, today is Thanksgiving Day, does that give you a clue?

shows frustration

Look if today is Thanksgiving Day, what is tomorrow gonna be?

smiles, nods head

Exactly! . . . Black Friday!
The day all Americans celebrate the season, saving lots of money spending money we don’t have!
Last year, Black Friday, I saved, I figure, about five hundred bucks.

looks into audience as though listening

Of course I remember what I got; most of it is still on my credit card.

looks into audience as though listening

Yeh, so maybe it has cost me a bunch of interest, but no way in these tough times I can buy unless the stuff is on sale, that’s a fact!

looks into audience as though listening

I bought all kinds of things, sales were great!
Bought a new 62 inch TV.
A knockout swim suit . . . I tell ya, I was some hit on the beach this summer!
Can’t wait to see what’s on sale tomorrow.

looks into audience as though listening

No I don’t have anything special in mind, just bargain hunting.
Maybe a new computer.
And they always have great sales on TV’s. . . You should see the great 80 inch TV’s at Best Buy!

looks into audience as though listening

No, nothing wrong with the TV I bought last year but . . . it’s like 62 inch!
You gotta watch and not keep electronics too long, next thing you know they start nickel and dimeing you to death, repair calls are murder, expensive.

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