The Boy Who Gave His Lunch To Jesus

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Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: John 6:1-15

Categories: Bible Characters, Children, Missions, Monologue, Sermon Starter
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It was an amazing day when a boy took his lunch and went to hear the prophet from Nazareth. The loaves and fish a child shared with Jesus unselfishly, with love, and caring became guidance for people in all the centuries since.

Sample of script:

Today is the greatest day of my life and I just have to tell you about it. I know, you'll say, "But you're just a boy, you've got your whole life ahead of you how can this day be the best day of all?" --- but it is just wait till I tell you what happened.

Some of my friends were going so I asked my mom if I could go to. Well you know what mom's are like - she packed me some food to take which slowed me down so I was the last one to meet and the other guys were just about to leave without me. I'm so glad they didn't!

You see we had all heard about what happened to John, you know the one who Baptized people, everyone was wondering if John was the promised one from God but then King Herod had ordered his head cut off - eehh! And then heard about Jesus and how some think Jesus is the Messiah.

So when we heard that Jesus was in a boat crossing to our side of the Lake and people were going to see him, we wanted to go too.

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