The Case For Alcohol

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Duration- 4 mins

Script Preview:

I was invited to check out this post, (5 Little Known Effects of Alcohol on the Body), on SOS Magazine, (by the way if you aren’t subscribed, you are totally missing out. . . do it! Great for you and every one in your family, friends or business), I am pleased to do the reviewing for what seems to be a solid and focused magazine.

I am at the "other end" of age to likely most of the readers of SOS magazine, I just celebrated my 20th birthday on February 29th, took me 80 years to get there. I was the "accident" in a family of five boys and two girls, 18 years younger than my oldest brother, 5 years younger than my next older brother.

My next older brother was an incredible person, smart, talented in everything he tried. But he had trouble with feelings of inadequacy. I was born on a farm in south-central Saskatchewan, (try pronouncing that you people in the US of A who keep reminding me of how “quaint y’alls location names is doncha see” but, never at a loss for a comeback I remind them we don’t have Booger Hole, like AZ, Mosquitoville VT, or Greasy Corner . . nor do we have Intercourse in Canada . . . to which a lovely older lady attending one of our DramaShare workshops in Louisiana responded . . . “then how do y’alls grow y’all’s population?” . . . enough of that! . .

Refocus! . . .

Where was I?

Oh, yeh, I was born on a farm in south-central Saskatchewan, in looking back I can say our farm wasn’t at the end of the world, but when I and my collie dog Barf, (look every dog deserves a name and we had already gone through a bunch’a names and “Barf” was the next on the list), but when we would climb up a big hill I swear we could see the-end-of-the world” from there! . . . but I digress . .  a lot . .

And I wasn’t actually born on the farm, that honour fell to the beautiful little city of Moose Jaw . . (yep a strange name but still no “Intercourse” . .

Back to the topic at hand . . .

As late teen my brother "felt better" after a drink, and this started a trend that ended, (after losing his family), with him dying, an alcoholic, on skid row.

Being "my brother's keeper" for much of his younger life, I made the choice to avoid alcohol, and have been "alcohol free" all my life. Not because I was a crusader, not dissing any drinkers, simply saying I can't see what benefit it had, and fully aware of what alcohol can do negatively, especially when begun at a young age.

I have been blessed throughout my life, from owning a very large business, watching that business burn to the ground one -40C January night, walking away with the clothes on our backs, getting a job as a traveling trainer in large industries, working in management in a very large corporation, being forced to leave all employment due to a heart problem, the shame of bankruptcy, starting to write to keep me sane, initiating something called DramaShare, which would become the world's largest Christian drama website and I the most prolific Christian drama writer with over 2,000 scripts and how-to manuals, with over 6,000 clients in over 70 countries around the world . . . , and, looking back, still amazed at the “impossible” journey.

Early on in life I was told that upward mobile people needed to be "social" in all they do. And that apparently included being a social drinker.

And I said: "Why?"

Since I never received what seemed to me to be a reasonable answer, I continued on with what I was told was my "old fashioned ways." Strange, I was 18 the first time I heard that “old fashioned” comment.

But fact is business often ends up being "done" in the bar. My boss told me it was OK if I didn't want to go to the bar.

I said, "Why?"

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