The Charred Vessel

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Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Joshua 2:6

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue
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Rahab, remembered as the prostitute in Jericho, who hid the spies sent by Joshua, tells her story. Rahab shows the importance of being used by God. Through her faith and righteousness she is not only used but is one of only four women mentioned by Matthew in the genealogy of Jesus

Sample of script

Once again it happens.
Frustrating is what it is!
Surely one could be allowed the dignity of being remembered in a reasonable manner. Perhaps as the mother of so-and-so, the wife of this person or that, or even perhaps the person who once talked with he or she.
Is it asking too much to be remembered for a positive happening, no matter how trivial?
Could they surely not say, “here comes the wife of Salmon, the Judahite, he sometimes known as Salma or Sala.” After all, I truly was someone’s wife.
Now, likely most would not recognize the name Salmon, nor remember his scant mention in Biblical transcripts. But being the wife of a largely forgotten person would be preferable to the arrogant disgrace with which history has painted me.
Or perhaps if I were forever labelled as the mother of Boaz. Aha, now I see a small spark of recognition in your eye.
Yes, indeed, it would be excellent that history might record me only as the mother of my most industrious and well-to-do son.
Or, what if I were never known as anything more than being the mother-in-law of Ruth, the Moabite woman, the one so committed to her own mother-in-law, Naomi, that she left family and country to become companion and care-giver.
Yes, that I might be remembered as being the mother-in-law of she for whom a major book of the Bible would be named. Yes, yes, remembered in that light would be fine, just fine!
Or what a mantle of power and prestige would I claim if I were to be recorded in history as the great-great grandmother of one King David, the Shepherd King! Oh, yes, now I do have your attention, do I not? And the truth is, my blood ran through the royal veins of King David.
Impressed you are, I am sure!
And since I am a close ancestor of King David, obviously I am ancestor also to Jesus, the Christ, the saviour of all the world.
Now indeed I can see the respect in your face as you regard me in light of notables such as Boaz, Ruth, King David and Jesus, Himself.
Since this is my true claim to fame in historical statements, why is it that it is not in that manner that I will ever be remembered?
What is my name?
It is . . . Rahab.
See, exactly my point! And don’t try to hide your truthful reaction!
Not Rahab, ancestor of Jesus.
Not even Rahab, mother-in-law to Ruth.
No, Rahab, the harlot. Rahab, the prostitute.

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