The Dating Zone

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis

Categories: 6-8 Minutes Scripts, Comedy, Family, Valentines/Love
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Comedy spoof written by Salby Sherman of WA, with a message in the style of the “Twilight Zone”, it was written to go with a dating message in a sermon which presents the pros and cons of teen dating.
Narrators “pause” the action to make comments as they watch 2 girls texting and discussing dating, as a boy says “hi” and his friend plays a practical joke on him.

Cast: 6
2 F 4 Males (Narrators can be either male or female, should speak in a Vincent Price/Orson Wells type voice)
Narrator #1, game show host with a serious voice
Narrator #2, game show host with a serious voice
Jen, has a crush on her lab partner
Suzie, Jen’s best friend
Nate, studious but socially clueless guy
Donny, friend and prankster

Sound: Twilight zone music helpful, but not necessary,

Costumes: Narrators should dress in suits or outrageous dress clothes. Nate is preppy, Jen girly, Suzie studious, and Donny skater type.

Props: 4 cell phones

Special Instructions: narrators say “the Dating Zone” in unison where indicated.

Sample of script:

Narrator #1: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to . . . “the Dating Zone” . . . . Not everything you see or hear is real. Not everything you feel is to be trusted. Use extreme caution when entering . . . “the dating zone” . . . . It will cause you to ask questions and may or may not answer them.

Narrator #2: It may enlighten you to a new common occurrence that has taken place since the invention of the cell phone. Not even your parents or grandparents faced what is about to happen in . . . “the dating zone” . . . . This is a new phenomenon occurring at every high school, in every town, in every state, USA. (to girls) Begin.

Jen, opening cell and closing it while she talks: He loves me….he loves me not … he loves me …. He loves me not

Suzie: Jen what in the world are you doing?

Jen: He loves me…. Uh, what do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to see if Nate is into me or not… let’s see where was I.

Suzie: He loves you not….

Jen: Oh yeah, he loves me….

Nate, enters: Hi (exits to other side of stage)

Jen, overwhelmed: Hhhhhiiiii. Did you see that? WOW, (opens phone) HE LOVES me (dreamily)

Suzie, calmly: Jen, he just said hi, not will you marry me and have my children.

Jen, excited: You know, Spring Fling Dance is coming up; maybe he was asking me to go with him.

NARRATOR 2, to girls : Pause.
(to audience)
Wow, how did a simple “hi” turn into “he loves me and asked me to go to spring fling?”
Now let’s watch and see what was really going on in Nate’s mind.
(to Nate) Begin.

Nate, to self: Where’s Donny? I thought he said to meet him here. I wonder if Jen & Suzie did their biology project yet. I wish I had another lab partner who knew what was going on. Oh yeah, I’ve got to work on that pre-calc stuff due tomorrow. And my research paper is due Friday. Better get that cranked out too. (looking at watch)
Where’s Donny. He said to meet him here at noon. He’s always late.

Narrator 1, to Nate:PAUSE.
Ok, so that explains alot.

Narrator 2, to audience:Nate didn’t have a clue that his simple “Hi” was going to be interpreted, as “I love you.” He’s thinking about projects and homework.
(Donny enters)
Let’s listen to what happens next in “the dating zone”.
(to boys) Begin

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