The Earring

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:12 min.

Bible Reference: Proverbs 16:3

Categories: Family, Father, Fathers Day, Valentines/Love
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In this Christian drama skit a widowed father and teen daughter deal with frustrations, including a boyfriend's earring, and together find a respectful love.

Dad - late 30's
Melody - mid teens

Entire drama takes place in a family room. The family consists of a father and a teenage daughter. The mother has died a few months previously. The drama centers around a loving father who is over-protective, a teenager who feels smothered by the controls established by her dad and, through it all, the fact that there is great love in the relationship if only it is given the room to exist. Dad, concerned for the safety and welfare of his only daughter, has set the guidelines for her conduct as to curfew, choice of friends, activities, etc. Daughter simply feels unable to conform to her dad's ideals.

The set is the family room of an average home. There should be a couch, a chair, a TV, rug on the floor, etc. A picture should be hung on the back wall above the couch and there should be a window complete with curtains on the side wall. Since the drama happens late at night, the "view" from the window should be dark except when the car drives into the driveway, (see Lighting notes below).
Position TV downstage in extreme right or left position in order that the back of the TV is seen from the audience, yet so that it will not block the view from any part of the audience. Preferably use a real TV so that the light from the TV will reflect on the dad as he "watches" TV. It will add to the drama if the TV has a remote in order that Dad can flip through the channels to indicate his upset state of mind. (Have sound turned very low so it will not be audible to the audience).

Taped sounds, (a car engine, a car door slamming, a house door opening and being shut), are needed.

Sample of script

When lights come on Dad is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. He puts this down beside him on the end table, stretches, looks at his watch. He then picks up the TV remote control, watches TV, flips through the channels. He looks at his watch again, stands up, goes to window and looks outside. He will then sit down again and, restlessly, watch TV.
After a few minutes a car is heard driving up. (Play taped sounds of car driving up).
Turn on spotlight outside set, arc across the window to give impression of car lights in driveway.)
Play taped sounds of car door slamming.
Dad quickly gets up and goes to the window, pulls the drapes to the side, looks out, (must give the impression that he is spying on what is going on outside in the driveway, trying not to be seen by those outside).
Melody's voice heard from outside, (don’t have her mike turned on for this line): Thanks for the ride Dan. See you in school tomorrow guys!
Dad quickly returns to his chair. Play tape of door opening and closing.
Melody enters downstage left, kisses Dad on cheek.
(Both mikes on).
Melody: Hi Dad.
Dad continues to look toward TV, frowns: What time is it young lady?
Melody: Time? (Glances at her wristwatch). It's about nine o'clock.
Dad, sarcastic: About nine o'clock? Guess again! It's almost nine thirty!
Melody, hurt: Dad! (Looks again at her wristwatch). It's eleven minutes after.
Dad: Be that as it may, young lady, the fact is that it is NOT nine o'clock. Did we, or did we not, have a discussion earlier this evening, something about nine o'clock?
Melody, exasperated: Dad! Yes I said I would be home by nine o'clock. We left church in lots of time but there was a train crossing the tracks. You must have seen it. After all, you were looking out the window at us as we drove up. And the tracks are just down the block.
Dad: That is not the point! The fact is that we made an agreement and you did not keep your part of the bargain.
Melody, hurt: Dad! Be fair! Because of a train we were eleven minutes late! And it's not as though we were doing anything wrong. We were at church Dad, you know that!
Dad: You were with that young Henderson kid! That's where you were!
Melody: Father, his name is Dan! And yes I was with Dan. Dan drove me and some of our friends home. Why is that wrong?
Dad: You know that I do not approve of that kid!
Melody: But why Dad? You don't even know him. But you do know his parents. The Hendersons have been going to our church since before Dan or I were born!
Dad: I will say no more! I do not approve of that young man. And I forbid you to see him!

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