The Imitators

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Clowning, Mime
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A mime that speaks of following Jesus, not false gods or pretenders. Exhibiting true beliefs through heart-felt action. The basic idea is that so often an individual tries to imitate other people and their worldly attitudes but ends up disappointed each time., rather than following the model of Jesus.

There may be any number of mimes or clowns in this drama.

Sample of script:

Person #1 comes on stage, pretends to pick up various “items”, puts them down, tries something else, acts bored, looks around, stretches, yawns.
Person #2 comes on stage, sits down on a chair. Person #1 watches, sits down on chair beside Person #2.
Person #2 crosses legs, Person #1 crosses legs.
NOTE: crossing legs may have very negative connotations in certain cultures, BEWARE of this in advance and delete this portion of the script where necessary.
Person #2 adjusts hair, Person #1 adjusts hair.
Person #2 swats at imaginary fly, Person #1 swats at imaginary fly.
Person #2 ties shoe, Person #1 ties shoe.
Etc., with various motions. Eventually Person #2 gets annoyed with Person #1 mimicking all actions, leaves stage.
Person #1 watches Person #2 leave stage, is sad, tries to find something to do.
Person #3 comes on stage, mimes smoking. Person #1 mimics Person #3. Goes on for a short time, then Person #3 starts coughing, goes to knees, falls flat on floor, “dead”. Person #1 watches as Person #3 is on floor, lifts #3's hand, it falls limply to the floor.
Person #1 again tries to find something to do.
Person #4 comes on stage, mimes drinking, laughing, having a good time. Person #1 mimes all actions of Person #4. After a short time, Person #4 waves good-bye to everyone, mimes getting into car, driving car erratically.

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