The Innkeepers Wife

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2:7

Categories: Bible Characters, Christmas, Monologue, Women
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The innkeeper's wife wasn't able to provide a room and bed for the couple from Nazareth, but she did get involved in the birth of Jesus, and provided what she could.

Actress backs in from side door, showing that she is assuring, comforting someone off-stage.


It’s alright. At least you will be warm and protected there in the stable. Pull that blanket up close around them Joseph. I will check back on you from time to time.
actress turn and walks on stage, stretches, talks more to herself that to anyone in particular
What a night! Time to clean up from all the commotion. This is a busy time anyway, with the Romans calling the census and all. The inn is full to overflowing - how was I to know such a thing could happen ?
Travelers, road weary, grumpy, all looking for accommodation that didn’t exist.
By the time the young man Joseph came to my door, my husband Benjamin had long since given out our last room. And our little inn at the end of the road is usually the last to fill. What could we do?
Obviously his young wife Mary was ready to deliver - her first born. Any mother knows that this is a stressful time. What could I do to make it any easier?
I thought that the stable would at least give them a little shelter. I found some spare blankets and Ben gave them fresh straw. I went to see if I could find them something to eat but before I could return the child was born.
After that, the most amazing things started happening. A shepherd boy showed up at the door asking if this was the place where the Savior was. He was so excited and talking so fast I had to ask him to begin again, three times. He spoke of bright lights and angels. He was so sure that this was the place - something about following a star. When I finally heard what he was saying, that the Savior was a just-born baby, I thought of the new child in the barn. Could it possibly be?
Not possible!
When I went out the door to lead him around back, I saw that it was not just him - there seemed to be a mob out there, though there were probably only ten or so, all shepherds who had also seen the angels, and followed the star.

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