The Samaritan Woman Jesus Spoke With At The Well

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Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: John 4:7

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue
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The woman at the well, the Samaritan woman Jesus spoke with, monologue

It's about walking the walk - sincerity and living for God in all areas
(singing or humming Hava Nagila on entrance)

Sample of script

Shalom! Greetings! Peace be with you! I am the Samaritan Woman Jesus Spoke with at the well. In fact, I’m going there right now – why don’t you walk along with me? We can talk! I’ll tell you about the day I met The Master!
I go to the well every day to draw water for the needs in our home. Most of the people in my village go early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when it’s a little cooler - but I try to go closer to the noontime hour. Yes, it’s a much warmer journey to do so then, especially since it’s such a long walk, but it’s really better. You see...well...many of the people in my town do not approve of me. They disagree with some of the decisions I’ve made, and they disapprove of the way I live my life. Now - they don’t know the reasons for those decisions, nor the circumstances leading up to them. But that makes no difference. They’ve passed their judgement on me, and nothing will change their minds. They whisper about me behind my back. And their children call me names – names I know they’ve heard their parents call me at home. But when we meet – such as on the road or at Jacob’s well – they make gestures and snide, callous remarks. No - the fire from those wagging tongues is much hotter than any noonday sun could ever be! So - it is better I go at a different time than they do; better for me - and better for them as well.
But that day - it was just lovely! It wasn’t as hot as it had been the day before. And the sand wasn’t blowing like it sometimes can to burn the eyes. As I approached Jacob’s well, I saw there was a man sitting upon it. I stayed to this side so as hopefully not to disturb him, but he jumped off, spun around, and with a great big smile, He bid me Shalom, and asked me for a drink of water! Now you could have knocked me over with a feather! As soon as I saw Him, I could tell He was a Jew! Jewish men do not talk with women when others aren’t around – and there was no one there but He and I! And besides that - I am a Samaritan.
Everyone knows that Jews despise Samaritans! They call us half-breeds - they will cross to the other side of the road rather than pass too closely to one of us!
But He just kept right on talking, and I felt quite comfortable. He said that if I knew who He was, that I could ask for a drink, and He would give me ‘living water’.