The Soldier of Prayer

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Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: James 5:16

Categories: Prayer, Readings
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A story on the power of prayer. A soldier calls on God to help him in a time of need. This young man's faith kept him from harm and saved many lives.

Sample of script:

"I'll go sir." The young soldier spoke up from the back. The young soldier was Bobby and he was stationed at Command Headquarters. He was in Alpha Company and he had just volunteered for a special assignment. Bobby followed his Sergeant to General Johnson's office, all the way wondering what he would be doing. "Private," the General said, " You will be carrying a message to General Cook. Cook and his men are 15 miles north of here. They will be headed to our location in 5 days. They are unaware that they are heading straight in an ambush. Our spies have informed us that General Cook and his men will be marching through Peek Canyon. On the south end of that Canyon is where the ambush is set. Their communications are down and we need this message there as soon as possible. Your job Private is to get this message through. It won't be easy. You will have to go around the canyon and that means through enemy territory. If you are caught, no matter what the cost keep this message out of the enemy's hands. This is a dangerous assignment are you up for it?" Bobby looked at the General and said, "I'll do my best sir." Bobby returned to his barracks and was packing his supplies when his Bunkmate Fred came in. "Hey preacher boy what's up?" "I'm going out on assignment." Bobby replied. "You be careful preacher boy." Remarked Fred as he left. Bobby thought of Fred's remarks "preacher boy" that's what all the guys started calling him. He wasn't upset about the name he was actually pleased. He knew why they called him that. He was always telling the others about Jesus Christ and how he died for their sins. How when you're his child he protects you and is never far away. He finished packing his supplies and headed out. The first few miles were pretty easy going. But Bobby knew the next stretch of forest was behind enemy lines. Bobby silently moved through the trees when all of a sudden he heard a noise off to his left. He stopped and crouched low. He wondered if it was the enemy and prepared himself. Bobby waited and kept hearing the noise. It seemed to be coming closer and closer. The next few seconds seemed like forever as he waited for the enemy to come through the trees. The noise stopped. Bobby took a deep breath and just then a wild boar came barreling through the trees straight at Bobby. He was so surprised to see a Wild Boar and not an enemy soldier he jumped up and out of the path of the charging Boar. As he jumped out of the way his foot slipped on a rock and he fell down a steep hill. Bobby fell straight to the bottom and landed so hard it knocked the wind out of him. When Bobby was able to get up he checked for injuries. He was ok but he had lost his weapon. Bobby searched and searched but couldn't find it anywhere. What was he going to do? Could he make it without a weapon for protection? Bobby knew he had to go on, the assignment was too important. He also knew God was with him and somehow he would make it. The next few hours were grueling as he walked and walked. He checked his compass and map several times to make sure he was headed in the right direction. Bobby was hot and tired and decided to rest on a nearby rock. He reached for his canteen and it was empty. His canteen was empty! How? He filled it up before he left. He turned it over and there on the bottom was a hole. What now? He had a long hike ahead of him and he needed water to be able to make it. And most of all he needed a canteen. Bobby knelt down and prayed. "Lord, I need you. I need a new canteen and some water.

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