The Thin End

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 12:22

Categories: Everyday Productions, Halloween
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Halloween message, a script written by a fine English writer

Sample of script:

Enter 1 carrying a witches hat and broom. Puts them down and gets a list out of pocket, ticking items off.

1 Right, that’s the hat and the broom. Just need the cape and the face paint, and I think I’m set.

Enter 2

2 Mmm. That was really nice.

1 What was?

2 Tea. I cooked myself some stuffed pumpkin.

1 Pumpkin?

2 Yep. There was one in the cupboard. It had been there a few days and nobody seemed to want it, so I thought I’d eat it up.

1 Who did you ask?

2 All the others.

1 You didn’t ask me.

2 Didn’t I?

1 No.

2 Are you sure, I thought I did.

1 I’m sure because that was my pumpkin, and I did want it.

2 Oops. Sorry.

1 When we all decided to share a house together, we did say that we wouldn’t eat other people’s food, or use their things without asking.

2 I’m sorry. I thought I’d asked you. It was a mistake, that’s all. I didn’t think you ate much in the way of vegetables anyway.

1 I wasn’t going to eat it.

2 What did you want it for then?

1 Halloween.

2 Halloween?

1 Yeah, I was supposed to be making a pumpkin lamp to take with me to the party tonight. But now of course, it’s too late to buy another one.

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