The Toad and the Frog – Not to Worry

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 6:6-34

Categories: Clowning, Comedy
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put away worry

Toad is wearing a brown tee-shirt with the word “TOAD”
Frog wears a green tee-shirt, with “Frog.”
Brown and green face paint spots on their faces.

An inflated balloon.
A container of Ultra Citrus air freshener (from automotive dept) labeled “Anti-Worry Spray”.

Sample of script:

Frog is in the room. Toad enters with balloon.

Toad: Frog! See what I have. I have a beautiful balloon that I am going to give to my good friend, Snake.

Frog: Hello, Toad. That is a very nice balloon

.Toad: Yes it is. But I am worried about it. Do you think it is big enough?

Frog: The size isn’t important, Toad. Don’t worry. It’s the thought that counts.

Toad: I guess you are right. I will not worry about the size of my balloon. But I don’t know what colors Snake likes. Do you think I should get another color?

Frog: Snakes are color blind, Toad. Don’t worry about the size or the color. It is a nice balloon.

(Frog gradually grows more exasperated with Toad as the dialogue progresses)

Toad: You are right. I will not be anxious about the size or the color of my balloon.

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