The Widows Gift

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 21:1-4

Categories: Bible Characters, Monologue, Women
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The story of the widow and the two mites, the woman who gave all she had.
This monologue speaks of what might have been the story behind this often quoted example of sacrificial giving. Was it a tithe, an offering, or a recognition that all we have surely does belong to the Lord.

Cast: 1 female
made up to appear old, frail

Set, lighting, sound: standard

Costume: biblical costume, very worn and tattered

Props: cane, purse or bag

Sample of script:

Milcah is slowly walking off stage, pauses, looks around as though hearing a voice

What is it? . . Why did you call out to me?

(pauses, listening)

Yes, yes, I have just left the temple . . What of it? . .

(pauses, listening)

What is this? . . Do the elders now watch so closely that even the tithing of poor, penniless old widow women is scrutinized?

(pauses, listening)

Yes, matter of fact, if it be any of your business, I did in fact place two lepton, two mites in the offering basket. . . What is it to you?

(pauses, listening)

Why did I not give beyond the two mites? . . That sir, is a matter of note only between the Lord God Yahweh and myself. . . and absolutely no business of yours!

(pauses, listening, angry)

Of course I am aware of the requirements, that donations to the temple be in silver! .

(pauses, listening, angry)

Sir, perhaps you are not aware with whom you are talking. For your information I am Milcah, a person of some notable ancestral blood! . . If you had any knowledge of Jewish history you would be aware that my namesake was the wife of none other than Nahor, the brother to our father Abraham! . . . She, the grandmother of beautiful Rebekah who married Isaac the long-awaited promised son of Abraham!
Yes and if that is not enough, am I not also the descendant and namesake of Milcah, she the daughter of Zelophehad, son of Hepher. Zelophehad, as you may recall, died having all daughters and no sons. Milcah and her sisters sought and won the right for daughters to inherit their father's land, in the same way as would a son.

Now then, perhaps you will treat me with some respect. . . Although my present status is humble, there beats within me the heart of Jewish aristocracy.

(pauses, listening)

How I fell on hard times is neither here nor there, suffice to say that my husband passed after a long and debilitating illness, and our marriage was not blessed with children to care for me in my old age.

(pauses, listening, angry)

Why do you continue to harp on the size of my offering? . . As I said, what business of yours?

(takes out bag, shakes upside down)

There, are you satisfied? . . The two coins were the last in my possession . . I gave all of what I have to the Lord God Yahweh! . . . Nothing less could be acceptable!

Perhaps you would want to compare my offerings to those of Eli?

Eli, the rich man is held up by those in the temple as the epitome of generosity, so if you want copious amounts of verbal drivel, go speak with Eli about his giving! . . Eli will, gladly and at great length, tell you of his generosity! . . It is said that the Lord God owns the cattle on a thousand hills . . To hear Eli speak you would swear that all of those cattle, on all of those hills, have been leased out to Eli, for his personal benefit.

Old Eli, he who makes such a spectacle of giving to the temple, giving of his tithes! . . Tithes indeed! . . Eli’s herds number in the hundreds of thousands, but even my old, weakened eyes can see there are not tens of thousands of Eli’s animals brought each year to the temple! . . Tithes indeed! . . And offerings . . non-existent!

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