Time to Love

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Run-time:12 min.

Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:4

Categories: Children, Family, Monologue, Mother, Mothers Day, Valentines/Love
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A very straightforward and hard-hitting monologue, can be used on Mother's Day or at any other time. Taking time to love our children. Teaching them responsibility, respect for others, respect for time given to each other.

Sample of script:

"Mummy I want to be with you!"
This was the third time my three year old daughter has said these words. I had already urged her to return to bed several times. Each time she had simply said, "Mummy, I want to be with you."
My term paper was due, and I wasn't listening.
Then, to get my attention, she asked a dozen questions. When I stopped typing she would ask, "Mummy, why did you stop typing?"
Or, "What are you thinking about now, Mummy?" When I started to type again she asked, "What are you typing now, Mummy?"
Finally, when she saw my real thoughts had ignored her completely, and that I was somewhat annoyed by her interruptions, she slowly climbed down from the stool beside me, and quietly said, "Mummy, I guess I'll go to bed now."
The it hit me. My daughter, in her own way, was asking me, "Why don't you take time for me? Please, why won't you talk to me?"
Just as she rounded the corner to go upstairs, I called to her, "Come sit with me for a bit before you go to sleep. I want to talk to my little girl for a while."
With a big smile, she came. I lifted her on my lap and we rocked and talked a while. After a few minutes she went happily to bed.
I wonder how many times my busyness has caused me to miss golden opportunities to share my love with my children? I remember reading how different authors would say, "If only I'd taken more time to enjoy my children." Or, "If I had my family all over again, I would certainly take more time to be with them."
One of the basic needs of our children is to be loved and accepted by the family unit. It is only after this need is fulfilled that we can teach our children to reach out to others in the community or in the world. We cannot expect them, or us, to develop a passion for lost souls if there is no love in our own home.
It doesn't seem fair that at the very time that the parents are trying to get their careers going, they must take time for their children. At the same time that most hours in the day are taken up by going to work, feeding the family, keeping the house clean and doing the laundry, the call comes for us to love our children.
Creating an atmosphere of love in the home is the first step in teaching our children what love is and how to share love. And this takes time.
But how do we make time?
In 1969, (that was when a 900 square foot home cost fourteen to eighteen thousand dollars, not fifty-four to sixty thousand dollars as it does today), John Doescher, in an article, "Now is the Time to Love", advised us to seek for more simplicity in living. He continues, "We need to be aware of the common concerns of the community, and of the home, that intrude on our time that has been set aside for family time.
Even church activities can rob us of the thing we need the most."
How many of you, either now or when you had children in your home, expect your children to perform household tasks for which they are not paid? My daughter, Kendra, brought home the fact that there were only 4 out of 30 students in Grade 8 who did chores without pay, only 10 had chores with pay, and the rest did not have any chores to do on a regular basis. That is 50% of children who do not help out at home!
Now then how many of you, yourselves, had to do chores without being paid when you were a child at home? My, times have changed, haven't they?

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