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Clowns tell of how God has transformed them as they symbollically put on their makeup. A very interesting clown message.

Transformation:  to change from one person into another.  You can do the transformation however fits you.

Of course, like all clown skits/performances you can emphasize and use your own life experiences as God leads.  I performed this again today and there is lots of different things I said.  I closed by singing “Fill My Cup Lord” which was a 1970’s song.  I sang the verses and asked the congregation to make the chorus be their prayer also.  On the second chorus I encouraged them to increase the size of the cup they were asking the Lord to fill.  I rejoice that I have been given this opportunity and pray that many will be touched and lead to the fullness of what they can be in the Lord as a result of any of you using this idea.  May God bless you all richly. 
If you have access to a roving microphone (clip-on type) I would recommend using it so your voice doesn’t get lost while putting on your makeup.  If you can tape what you want to say that would be wonderful, I am a spontaneous speaker (I find that the Holy Spirit can get through easier that way). You see me as I am at this moment.  It has taken quite a while for me to be like this.  I would like to share how my life has changed.  Please watch carefully as I transform.
Georgia Thometz, a.k.a. Buttons


At this point, I pull my hair back, spray or pin it.  Then I begin putting on the white base.  
I really don’t look like much now, as you know we are very small when we are born,  we start out looking kind of plain.  Perhaps we didn’t have much hair and our eyes may have looked kind of gray.  We cannot do anything for ourselves and need someone to take care of us.  Do another step in makeup. 
As we grow, we begin to crawl and then walk.  We even fall down when we are learning but this is what changing is all about.
As you can see, we are now developing into something that is different from everyone else.
Start to get some definition in the makeup. 
Now, we are old enough to go to Sunday School and we start learning about the people in the Bible.  Maybe we get treated unfairly by others, maybe some things get said to us that hurt. All these things affect our lives and we continue to change.
More detail and final makeup. 
We may have gone to confirmation and joined the church.  We may have gotten involved with the wrong kids and done some things that were not right.  Someone may have abused us or we may have friends that have been abused. 
What kind of life are we living now?
Some of the outlining and fine details. 
I have chosen the right path for my life, or am I putting on a mask so you really think I am OK, but really I am not.
Apply the powder. 
Powder, this seals the face, like the Holy Spirit seals our lives if we have given our life to Him. 
At this point in our life perhaps we have decided what we are going to do when we grow up.  Perhaps we have even enrolled in college. 
I put out my arms like I am finished. 
But wait, this is not complete. Without the proper clothing I really am incomplete. 
Put on costume. 

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