Undiscovered Genius

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Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Comedy, Family, Mother, Mothers Day, Sermon Starter, Valentines/Love
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Mothers Day. Showing appreciation for our Mothers in our own way. Being unigue in our thanks. Looking though eyes filled with love for a blessing such as your Mom. A comedy

SCENE: Could take place just about anywhere, but let's make it in a church fellowship hall where a woman is preparing for a mother-daughter banquet. She could be making centerpieces, name tags, or folding bulletins. This business can be carried on throughout the play. A second woman enters carrying a brown paper bag full of -- well, stuff. Have a table or counter for working space and maybe a couple of chairs.

PROPS: Bulletins for folding or stuffing; shopping bag; homemade clay ashtray; dandelions; card made of construction paper, paper doilies and macaroni. Craft supplies—paper, glue, doilies, scissors, etc. Everything except the bulletins should be in the bag.

Sample of script:

Joy (The first woman, looking at the bag as Amy deposits it on the table) What's that?
Amy Gifts for my mom.
Joy Why?
Amy Why? Because Mother's Day is coming up, you nut!
Joy Well, I know that, but -
Amy I want to show her I love her. To show my appreciation for what she's been to me all these years.
Joy You make it sound like you've got one foot in the grave. (She mimics) All these years?
Amy (Chuckles) You know what I mean. It's been all my life! She's always been there for me. It means a lot to me. I want to tell her that.
Joy Won't a card or flowers do?
Amy Oh, yeah. She loves those.
Joy Well then? Why this bag of - stuff?
Amy It occurred to me that I sent my mother flowers last year.
Joy Yeah? So did I.
Amy And a lovely card with one of those poems she enjoys so much.
Joy What's wrong with that?
Amy Nothing.
Joy That's what I'm sending my mom this year.
Amy That's great! She's as big a pushover for flowers as mine is.
Joy So why don't you do that?
Amy Well, I got to thinking -
Joy (Interrupting) With you, that could be dangerous.
Amy (Snickers) I know. It got me into all kinds of trouble.
Joy I'm waiting. (Beat) I think.
Amy Well, I remembered that I had sent her flowers and a card the year before that, too.
Joy You said she loves them.
Amy She does.
Joy So what's the big deal?
Amy Well, I realized that I've sent flowers and cards for the last seven years. Ever since I left home.
Joy (Impressed) Wow! You never forgot?
Amy Never. (Nose in the air in mock pride) I wasn't even late, either.

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