Wedding Promises & Proclamations From God

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Run-time:2 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 20:28

Categories: Family, Poetry, Readings
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Theme:       A poem or reading for a Christian wedding.
On this wedding day all is beautiful, serene. Even if there be clouds or rain still we see only the beautiful day, the incredible promise of a joy-filled life together, no hints of trouble anywhere.
But the reality is there will be “cloudy” days in marriage, the idyllic picture of “happily ever after” will sometimes turn into times of trial, even conflict.
Christians take heart . . .  whether days be beautiful or cloudy, God will be there, reaching out his hand in love.


Bible Reference:      Matthew 20:/p>


Time:        2 minutes


Sample of script:      


In these wonderful days:


These days you see the sun, feel the luxury, of it’s brilliant pleasant rays

You see green grass, a banquet of flowers, colors brightening your days

You see puffy little clouds, flitting slowly across a radiant blue sky

And your heart rejoices, that God provides, these blessings for you and I.


But there will be other days:


On those days the sun hides, behind angry clouds, cruelly merciless and dark

The pleasant breezes gone, replaced with cold menacing, chilling wind so stark

No longer flowers abound, in their place stones, pointed, impenetrable, severe

Why did God turn his back, allowing conditions, obliterating all we held dear?


God’s truth proclaims:


Children, I who brought the sun, calming breezes, green grass and flowers

In my wisdom I provide, the cool to foster growth, clouds for needed showers

And under those, foreboding stones so menacing, so unnecessary in your mind

Dwell nutrients which I created, formed and combined, of each essential kind.


God’s personal promise to you:

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