What a Wonderful Mom

What a Wonderful Mom

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  • Cast Number: Varies
  • Run Time: 5
  • Bible Reference: Exodus 20:12


A Mother’s Day tribute, (useful at any time of year), based on the melody and music of the awesome Louis Armstrong classic, “A Wonderful World.” (We ask that all who use this script will have purchased, or will purchase a copy of the original sheet music and/or recording of this song from the source, as we have).

Amid all the claims and counterclaims about the roles and makeup of the modern family, one constant remains: the absolute importance for active, committed and growing-each-day-in-the-craft mother and father. We realize that, as someone once said, “not all parents graduate at the top of their class” but that is the status and goal for which all should aim to achieve. And we also recognize that some children will grow up without the advantage of one or more parents. In which case, nowhere are the words of Christ more clear and meaningful than in directing those around to attempt to be there in support.

This script is written to assist kids of all ages, (including those in their adult years), to offer a tribute and salute to mothers.

  Cast:  Varies
  Run-Time:  5 minutes
Props:  a flower for each mom, (perhaps every lady), in the congregation
SFX: Graphics of moms and children in the background
  Bible Reference: Exodus 20:12

What a Wonderful World” written by Bob Thiele as “George Douglas”) and George David Weiss, first recorded by Louis Armstrong and released in 1967. Copies and sheet music available at all music stress and online. Please support the writers and artists.
NOTE some adjustments to the words may be necessary based on the singer’s capabilities.

Special Information:   Song should be introduced by, and the main singers being, children.
Invite the congregation to join in the song when repeated.

Introduction by a church leader and a child, each stating the importance of motherhood.  Optionally at the beginning and/or end have individual children who wish to do so say a word that makes them think of their Mom.  All children on stage

Music begins

Sample Song lyrics: 

I wanna say

My Mom’s so fine

Makes me feel great, I’m glad she’s mine

Wanna tell ya right now

‘Bout my wonderful Mom.

When the day is yuck

Each day’s a fight

Positive strokes

Both day’n night

But I’ll be OK

With my wonderful Mom

In the times we are a’livin’. . . .

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