Who Is Molding You

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:11

Categories: Monologue
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Who is molding you? Are you letting the world change you into something other than what God had created you to be? difference peer pressure teen choices
No matter what the scratches or dents or cracks in your life, God has an amazing plan for you and can heal and repair all the awful things with which the world has molded you.
A standup commedienne type monologue, very good for womens / youth retreats

Cast: one female, teen to woman.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as actor enters the stage and moves confidently, full of energy, to center stage. Spot comes on as soon as actor enters the stage. Actor begins speaking once centered.

Actor: Okay! I’ve got it! I think I finally have it! I never thought I would have the answer, but I think it’s finally come to me now. Who says girls aren’t as brilliant as guys! I practically ran all the way here, and we all know that I don’t like running! I had to tell you, well actually, I had to ask you something. You ready? Here it is. My fellow gals, who is molding you?

Did you hear what I said? You’re all so quiet! Big feat for a room full of teenage girls! Come on, now, think about it! Okay, let me rephrase the question. What, is molding you?

Hold that thought! I want to tell you a little story. Yes, I know you’re too old for stories, but you’re gonna listen anyway, got it? (Smiles.) And you thought you left your mothers at home, huh?

Anyway, I want to tell you about my new hobby. I figured that scoping out guys didn’t classify as a real hobby, so I thought I’d better get a little more creative. I decided to go against everything that I have ever believed – I got dirt under my nails. Yes, me, I took up pottery. Well, at first the instructor slaps down this hunk of yuk in front of me. And I’m thinkin’ okay, what am I supposed to do with this? This was nothing more than a cold, wet, slimy gray chunk of nothing and the teacher wanted us to turn it into something beautiful. (Laughs.) Slim chance of that happening!
I don’t think the teacher knew how long it took me to get my almost-French manicure this perfect. I was about ready to walk out when I turned to my left and saw it.
Now, I know you’re all thinking that I looked out the window and saw the boys football team practicing, but no, it was something much more stunning. I saw the teacher’s sculpture. I don’t know how long it took him to do that, but it was sure worth it. I’ve never seen such attention to detail before. I looked back at my hunk of gray, and then back at that amazing sculpture, and I knew, that if something so unappealing could be transformed into something so breathtaking, then maybe I should find out more.

No, I hadn’t gone all artsy or anything, but I was curious about creating something so perfect. So, I dug in. My birthday was coming up, so figured I would just ask Daddy for a gift certificate for a new manicure anyway, so it was okay to get dirty.

Well, it was cold. And it was wet. I have to admit, it was gross. I thought to myself, why am I bothering with something this unattractive? It really seemed pointless.

But the more I worked with the clay, the more I could see the possibilities coming. Do you know what struck me the most? I’d have the sculpture looking a certain way, nothing like the teacher’s mind you, but with just a simple touch, the sculpture would change completely. It took so little impact to change the overall appearance completely.

Then, of course, Travis Miller walked by and thought it would be funny to see how my sculpture looked if it was flat. One strike of his sweaty, wart covered hand, and my sculpture was now a pancake. One strike was all it took to take my masterpiece from beautiful to crushed.

Here’s where I get deep, so try to follow me on this. I got to thinking, while I was staring at my stunning pancake, how easily I can be changed by the impacts made on me.

Okay, it’s like this. Here I am, stunning creature, beautiful masterpiece. (Smiles.) Then someone comes along and, oh I don’t know, let’s say offers me a cigarette. I take it, and all of a sudden, I’m not quite the beautiful masterpiece I started out to be.

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