Who, Me

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Habakkuk 2:2

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Run with a vision. Remember God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. We need to use our gifts to spread the Good Word. Having the vision and then having the perserverance to carry through with that vision.

Sample of script:

Carey: That’s a great idea, Derek!

Derek: And then, we could also start a weekly meeting!

Carey: Those are some of the best ideas we have ever had, Derek!

Derek: Thanks, Carey, I really do like the way God has shown us some terrific methods for evangelization!

Carey: Oh, for sure, I think we have a real clear vision of what God wants us to do! You know, we really should write some of these ideas down!

Derek, takes pen and paper from the table, writes: Okay, ‘Ways to Evangelize the World”. (looks up) What do we start with?

Carey: Definitely your idea about meeting people on their level, get out to where they are. We can’t expect the lost to come here to us!

Derek, writing furiously: Good, good! Also, what was that thing you said about breaking down stereotypes? I liked that, Carey!

Carey: Oh, yeh, well if we want non-Christians trust and understand us as Christians, we have to make sure they don’t feel threatened. They have to know we are normal people, that we aren’t going to jump down their throat with a Bible!

Derek: Exactly! And just to think, we are not only thinking through this vision, we are actually taking the time to write down these great ideas! (thinks) Now, how are we going to start this?

Carey: Well, someone just has to get some outreach programs going.Derek: Okay, who?

Carey: Who? Well, people who. . . . well, . . . ., I don’t know. But it can’t just be anyone!

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