Who Wants To Be Me

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:11

Categories: Monologue
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peer pressure. Finding out from God what He wants us to be, as opposed to trying to be what everyone else is. The answer is in the Bible, being with Christian friends and through prayer.
This drama could be used before a youth meeting or Bible study. It examines the idea of peer pressure, and who teens choose to model.

Key words: teen peer pressure identity

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Jennifer is standing at center stage. She will be talking to imaginary people in the audience as she goes along.

Jennifer looks around and then stops at someone.

Jennifer: Oh, hi Donna! I love your new jacket! Is it leather? Wow! That must have cost a fortune! I guess that’s how you and I operate – just be nice to good ol’ daddy, and we can get just about anything we want, right? (Laughs.)

Looks around, then stops at someone else.

Jennifer: Hello, Paula! I am doing quite well, thanks! Just wanted to know what time that animal cruelty protest is at? It’s at 2:15, huh? Hmmm. That’s when I have an algebra class. (Thinking.) Oh, well. School is only secondary when it comes to the well being of our fury little friends! See you there!

Looks around, then stops at someone else.

Jennifer: Florence! Yo-hoo! Hi! Just wanted to know how you feel about that upcoming algebra exam! I really studied hard for it! I mean, after all – education really is the key to our future! I want to make every grade count so that I can get into the best college I can find! I have big plans!

Looks around, then stops at someone else.

Jennifer: Who’s that gorgeous gal? Hi, Tiffany! Totally love the hair! I told you pink was your color! So, anyway, I am like totally bummed out about Tyler Bowerman! I thought for sure he would have asked me today to the dance, but so far, it’s like he’s mute or something! If he doesn’t ask be after science class today, I will just die. I mean, the whole point of high school is like to have fun, right? Well, all I know is that unless Tyler asks me today, life will just be over.

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