Who Would Imagine A King

Cast Number: 8

Run-time:50 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

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A hard hitting message, appropriate for Easter, Christmas and any other time, from a totally different perspective, reflecting on the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection, focusing on many of the events of Jesus life, including Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. The "Lazarus miracle," in my mind, set a collision course between Jesus and Rome/Jewish leaders, one which neither side could possibly back away from and not lose face.
The Romans and the Sanhedrin pick the pre-Passover time to cast doubt on the validity of the birth of Jesus in the stable out behind the inn in Bethlehem. They find that the Innkeeper’s wife is still alive and attack her testimony and that of other followers of Jesus.
A reporter goes to Bethany, Bethlehem and Jerusalem looking to prove the birth of Jesus was a fraud concocted by the followers of Jesus. But along the way the reporter finds evidence that rocks her world and destroys her case.
This easily staged 4 scene drama emphasizes the need for all Christians to keep the story of the love of God as evidenced by sending his son to earth ever before the next generation.


Bible Reference:     Luke 2, Deuteronomy 6:6-7, John 20:/p>


Cast:         8 speaking parts, some could be m or f, (plus could add non-speaking roles)
Ruth, the Innkeeper’s wife, is very old
David, Ruth’s grandson
Miriam, reporter, very aggressive
Lazarus, likely 20’s
Martha, sister of Lazarus, same age
Abraham, grandson of Simeon
Sarah, granddaughter of Prophetess Anna
Aaron, priest, middle age


Set:         blank set with chairs and table
For Scene IV a bed is needed


Lighting, Sound:     as available


Costumes:   could be traditional or contemporary


Props:       a loaf of bread and a cup for Scene IV


Music:      We suggest the use of Whitney Houston’s song “Who Would Imagine A King”
Short portions could be sung after each scene and the entire song at the end.
This song can be referenced on the internet at locations such as this.


Time:       50




Scene I – Home of Lazarus in Bethany


Lazarus and Martha are onstage talking


Martha:      I never believed he would come, not after . . you were . .


Lazarus:      Say it Martha . . . I was dead.


Martha:      I don’t even want to think of it . . It was so . .


Lazarus:      It happened . . . I was in the grave . . . But the Teacher returned.


Martha:      Why didn’t he come sooner . . before you . .


Lazarus:      Before I died? . . Only the Teacher knows, but he said he delayed so that many would believe.
And truly now sister, we do believe.


Martha:      I was so heartbroken . .


Lazarus:      But now it is time for joy. And time to praise God for his . .  .


Miriam rushes onstage


Miriam:      Is this the home of Lazarus?


Lazarus:      Yes it is . .


Lazarus turns away to resume talking to Martha, Miriam tugs at his arm to pull him back


Miriam:      I am talking to you! . .  Now where is Lazarus?


Lazarus, frowns:     
I am he, what is your interest? . .


Miriam:      Perhaps you don’t know who you are addressing. . . .
I am Miriam, chief reporter for News Talk Jerusalem, on assignment from our Investigations Department.


Lazarus:      I can think of no reason why News Talk Jerusalem should want to talk with me; nor I with News Talk Jerusalem.


Miriam:      I should warn you to be careful with your words when talking with me; many have found that their exuberance can get them in trouble.


Lazarus:      All Israel is aware of the relationship that exists between News Talk Jerusalem, Rome and the Sanhedrin.
Regardless, you wish to talk with me, I am all ears.


Miriam:      Much better.
Now then, there is a story going around regarding your illness.


Lazarus:      It is not a story, it is fact, as anyone from Bethany and beyond can confirm.
But I suspect it is likely you would be more interested in my death.


Miriam, laughs:     
Death? . . Indeed? . . I must congratulate you Lazarus! . . You look amazingly healthy for one who is dead. Can you share with us the remarkable comeback from the grave and your secret to life renewed?


Lazarus:      No secret at all. . . Jesus the Christ, the Messiah brought me back to life.


Miriam, mocking:    
Oh it was the Nazarene was it? The sometimes carpenter, sometimes itinerant preacher, the one who has self proclaimed to be a prophet. . .  The one who has deluded some fools to believe he has the ability to give sight to the blind, cause the lame to walk about, and now even to bring life to dead men! Impressive!


Lazarus:      The Messiah has . .


Miriam:      I will expect you not to refer to the Nazarene as Messiah, for he is not.


Lazarus:      And under what authority do you make that bold statement?


Miriam:      Under the authority of those in leadership in the temple. . .
And under what authority do you declare the Nazarene to be your Messiah?


Lazarus:      Under the authority of the angels of God who, 32 years ago in a stable in nearby Bethlehem announced the birth of the Messiah.


Miriam:      An event, and a precise location, never verified.


Lazarus:      The event was witnessed by many, and had been prophesied by our forefathers for hundreds of years.
The location is an inn in Bethlehem which still stands, still run by the wife of the original owner.


Miriam:      And she of course will declare that she was witness to all this?


Marsha:      Ruth has often spoken of the night when the Messiah was born.


Miriam:      And who might you be?


Marsha:      I might be anyone, but I am Marsha, sister of Lazarus and follower of the Messiah.


Miriam, angry: Why do you people insist on referring to the Nazarene as the Messiah sent by God?


Lazarus:      Well, Miriam, when you arrived you announced yourself to be Miriam, chief reporter for News Talk Jerusalem, sent on assignment from your Investigations Department. We accepted that since it states your name, your position and your purpose. And so it is that Jesus is the name of the Messiah sent by God.


Miriam:      We will disprove the myth of the supposed birth of the baby in the manger and expose it for the fallacy that it is.


Marsha:      Many have attempted to do just that. Yet the truth lives on.


Miriam:      That would be the truth according to narrow minded and delusional people.
Regardless, I am open-minded; I will seek to find input, even from those who hold to the Messiah Theory.


Lazarus:      The Messiah Theory . . Interesting. . .


Miriam:      Now this Ruth person, perhaps she would want to come to Jerusalem to be interviewed?


Martha:      Ruth is very old, and her health has deteriorated. She doesn’t travel much.


Miriam :      Then I shall have to make the trip to Bethlehem to hear her . .  amazing fantasy story.


Lazarus:      You call yourself a reporter. To me this speaks of a person looking for input, weighing the evidence and reporting the findings and thus allowing those to whom you are reporting to make up their own minds. But your comments indicate you have already made up your mind.


Miriam:      You have no reason to worry Lazarus, I will be the ultimate reporter of facts as I find them. . .  Who knows, I may even make mention of your amazing death and rebirth in my report.
Now I must make a visit to Bethlehem.


Miriam leaves the stage


Martha:      I don’t like her, and I don’t trust her.


Lazarus:      She isn’t the first to try to disprove the Messiah, and she won’t be the last.
But I think I should warn Ruth to be prepared for the onslaught of Miss Miriam!
I know a shortcut through the valley, I will go now.


Martha:      Be careful Lazarus!


Lazarus hurries offstage



Scene II – Bethlehem Inn


David is sitting on stage

Miriam quickly comes on stage


Miriam:      Is this the inn run by Ruth?


David:       Yes it is, and who are you?


Miriam:      I am Miriam, chief reporter from News Talk Jerusalem.


David:       Ahh yes, we were expecting you.


Miriam:      I am sure you were. You Jews do stick together.


David:       Jews? . . My grandmother and her husband came from Samaria more than 30 years ago to open this inn.


Miriam:      Whatever. . I need to speak with Ruth, get her for me at once please.


David:       My grandmother is sleeping; you may see her when she wakes.


Miriam:      I have travelled here from Bethany. I have no intention to be cooling my heels while someone sleeps.


David:       I will get you a cup of tea while you are waiting.


Miriam:      Did I request tea? . . My only interest is in speaking with your grandmother, where is she?


David:       I have already told you where she is, now have a seat and . .


Miriam:      I demand to see Ruth this instant!


David:       Perhaps you would rather come back another time. . I will see you to the door.


Miriam:      I will not be dismissed! . . I . .


Ruth walks slowly onstage


Ruth:        What is the reason for all the noise?


Miriam:      You are Ruth.


Ruth:        I knew that. . .  Perhaps you want to now tell me who you are?


Miriam:      I am Miriam, chief reporter from News Talk Jerusalem.


Ruth:        I see. And how can I help you child?


Miriam, angry: I am not a child, and I want to know all the details of a birth of a child that is rumored to have happened in your inn at the time of the census some 30 years ago.


Ruth:        You mean the birth of the Messiah.


Miriam:      No one of any intelligence believes that the birth, if it did happen, had any connection to a coming Messiah. . . .


Ruth:        Strange that you would bother asking questions if you believe it was simply another ordinary child.


Miriam:      I am not here for your sarcasm, I would strongly suggest that you answer the questions. You will find that those who fail to cooperate may get a wonderful time of attitude adjustment in Rome.


Ruth:        Are you threatening me?


Miriam:      No threats. . . Only guarantees.


Ruth:        Perhaps child we should get something straight. . . I am an old woman, in very poor health, and I shall die soon. What possible hold do you think you could have over me?


Miriam:      I warn you . .


Ruth:        No child, I warn you. . . One more outburst out of you and this conversation is over. . . Do I need to remind you that you stated you are on special assignment . .  and that means your superiors in the Roman occupiers office and in the Sanhedrin expect you to return with a report. And if that report is not forthcoming your career, not to mention your good health, will be seriously jeopardized. . .
Now then . . do I make myself clear?

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