Who Would Imagine For Kids

Cast Number: 12

Run-time:20 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

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It’s 12 years after the birth of the Christ child and some people are trying to promote the belief that the birth was a concocted story and others believe that the child was killed by Herod. And now there are reports that Jesus has been seen at the temple amazing the elders with his knowledge.
This easily staged 2 scene drama can be used on its own or in concert with the “meant for adult cast” drama “Who Would Imagine A King”

Bible Reference:     Luke 2:50


Cast:        12 (male or female)

teen or pre-teen:
David – Innkeeper’s grandson
Abraham – grandson of Simeon
Sarah – granddaughter of Anna
Olympias – Herod’s granddaughter

20’s (or made to appear):
Deborah - Reporter


Set:         bare stage


Lighting, Sound:     standard


Costumes:   likely contemporary but could be traditional


Props:       none


Song:       Whitney Houston’s “Who Would Imagine A King”
This song can be referenced on the internet at locations such as this.
End of scene I only one verse of the song will be sung, (by David or any other actor, sing in its entirety at the end of Scene II, (likely by Deborah). You may also opt to use a non-acting singer or off stage voice.


Time:       20


Sample of Script:      


Scene I – Children Playing


kids playing on stage


Sarah:        I don’t want to play anymore. . .  Miriam plays too rough!


Miriam:      Oh cry about it Sarah why don’t you?


Abraham:     You do play rough Miriam; it’s no fun when you are mean to others.


Miriam:      Oh sure Abraham ben Simeon, stick up for Sarah why don’t you? . . Everyone knows you are sweet on Sarah. . . .
(sings and taunts)
Abraham loves Sarah!
Abraham loves Sarah!


Sarah:        Sometimes Miriam, you can be so mean and hurtful.


Aaron:       Will you guys just knock it off! . . I have to get back to the temple soon for scripture class and I don’t intend to waste fun times listening to you guys fighting.


David:       OK then Aaron, I challenge you to a duel with broad swords!


Aaron and David play fight while talking


Aaron:       You are a dead man David! . . Better tell your family to set up a room in your Bethlehem Inn for you so you can be nursed back to health after I carve you up!


David:       Don’t waste your energy feeling sorry for me. . .  Here I go for the kill. . .


David lunges at Aaron as though to strike him with make believe sword


Lazarus:      Knock it off you guys, someone’s gonna get hurt.


Aaron:       I agree with you Lazarus. . . And it is gonna be this pathetic swordsman, David of Bethlehem!


Aaron lunges at David, they both laugh

Olympias comes on stage


Sarah:        Settle down everyone, here comes Olympias!


Abraham, to Olympias:            
What brings the princess to visit with us commoners?


Olympias:     My father said you have to play with me. . . And when Herod speaks . .  everyone jumps! . . .  So . .  play! . . I have no one else to play with.


David:       Maybe if your grandfather hadn’t killed his children you would have more children to play with.


Olympias:     You forget, my grandfather was Herod, the King of the Jews and shall always be King of the Jews.  My uncles talked of some day becoming King of the Jews. Naturally my grandfather couldn’t allow that. So . .  he was forced to have them . . eliminated.


Sarah:        When my brothers get out of line I just smack them.


Aaron:       Sounds like a much better way.


Miriam:      I am sure King Herod had his reasons.


Deborah comes on stage


Deborah:     Hi kids, I was hoping to find you all together.


Abraham:     Who are you?


Deborah:     I am Deborah, reporter from the Bethlehem Bugler and I wanted to get some opinions from you on some happenings from back a few years ago.


David:       You wanted our opinions? . .  But we are just kids.


Lazarus:      Are you sure you don’t want to talk to our parents?


David:       My mom says I can’t remember things from yesterday, how do you expect me to remember from a few years back.


Deborah:     Well . .. . thing is, maybe you have overheard your folks talking about it.


Miriam:      About what, exactly?


Deborah:     Well, back about 12 years ago, as the story goes, there was a baby born in Bethlehem.


David:       Well I am from Bethlehem and this may come as a shock to you but we have a bunch of babies born in Bethlehem every year. . .  Just which baby are we talking about, exactly?

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