Whos In Charge Here

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:25 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 119:44

Categories: Comedy, Everyday Productions, Family, Mother, Mothers Day
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God is sovereign, in charge, in control, over all. This drama depicts the family, (mother and 2 children), struggling with authority and obeying. God is sovereign, he is king and in charge over all things and we need to obey His laws. David recognized God as the final authority and obeyed God instead of following the advice of his warriors and killing Saul.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as mother comes on stage, Jimmie is sitting.

Jimmie: Hi Mom, where have you been?

Mom: Shopping. Got your favorite cereal, Tastee Wows!

Jimmie: Awwww, Tastee Wows again? I was kinda hoping you would get Maximum Monsters cereal. It has all kinds of monsters inside.

Mom: But Jimmie, we discussed this, remember? Magnificent Monsters . . .

Jimmie: Mom, it’s Maximum Monsters, Maximum . . .

Mom: Whatever, but the Monsters cereal has nothing but sugar . .

Jimmie: Not true! The TV commercial says that an average serving of Maximum Monsters with four cups of milk provides all of your daily requirements of calcium, and we all know that calcium builds strong bones in children!

Mom: You have memorized the commercial very well, think maybe you are getting a little too much TV?

Jimmie: Well, that’s what the Trueblood Terror monster says on the commercial, and no way he is gonna lie!

Mom: Well, what Tryblood Terror . . .

Jimmie: Mom! Trueblood Terror! Trueblood!

Mom: Whoever he is, the fact is what he forgot to tell you is that the calcium comes from the milk, Mister Monsters . . .

Jimmie: . . . Maximum Monsters, Maximum . . .

Mom: Whatever, that cereal will do nothing for you, and besides it costs twice as much as Tastee Wows.

Jimmie: But, Mommmmm! All of my friends eat Maximum Monsters! How come I can’t ever get what I like?

Mom: Actually I thought we get what you want quite a lot. I seem to remember a certain young person getting that very model of bike for a certain birthday.

Jimmie: But Mom, that was my birthday, how come I can’t decide what I want to eat?

Mom: Well when it comes to important matters like your health, that’s where I have final authority. We love you and want the best for you, so nutrition is something we will have authority over.

Jimmie: Authority? That just means that little kids can’t get what they want.

Mom: Sorry you feel that way Jimmie, but that’s not actually true. In order to have authority I need to be knowledgeable about the subject. See, you just listened to a commercial on TV, I took the time to read the contents on the cereal box in the store, so I would know what are the contents, and the nutrients. That way I could make a good decision

.Jimmie: So what you are saying is I don’t get Maximum Monsters cereal.

Mom: ‘Fraid so Jimmie.

Becky enters stage.

Becky: Hi Mom, (looks at Jimmie), what’s happenin’ squirt?

Jimmie: Look Becky, I’m not squirt, and it’s more what’s not happening. Maximum Monsters aren’t happening, that’s what!

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