Cast Number: 1

Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Hebrews 4:12

Categories: Sermon Starter, Valentines/Love
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Words, a two edged sword, can build up or tear down, bring peace or bring war. A short monologue skit, easily staged.

Sound: soft, moody music in minor key in the background

Sample of script:

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God.

Word: a unit of language, carrier of meaning, verbal expression, news, tidings, information, message, a proverb or motto, text or lyric, an authoritive utterance or command, a promise, a quarrel, conversation, the Word of God, as in the bible….

I pondered all these things…
My mind wandered…..
There is something to say about all this….
Words are powerful.
Words can touch you, words can cut you.
Never mince your words.
You might be chewing someone up and spitting them out.
Words can lift you up or words can bring you down.

There are words to ponder there are words that make you wonder.
Words can confuse, words can diffuse tense situations.
There is a jungle of words; there is a jumble of words.
Word can bring truth, or words can bring error and deception.
So discern, dissect and test words.
Do your homework or words can fool you
Be careful what you read.
There are words that can teach and there are words that can reach,
The lost, lonely and longing hearts of the human soul.
Teach and reach with humbleness and care..
So your love will shine through their pain and despair

Remember the dark night of the soul before healing words brought you light.
Remember the dark day without sight before healing words showed you the way.

Teach and reach with humbleness and care,
So your love will shine through their pain and despair,
To set them free….
To set them free….
Words can bring peace, words can bring love,
Or words can bring hate and war.
For every season there is a time…..
There is a time for peace…… there is a time for war….
Unfortunately, sometimes actions speak louder than words…
There is a time for war….
Unfortunately, actions speak louder than words…….
Actions speak louder than words…..
You say you love me, then show me.

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