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Cast Number: 3

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: 3John 1:5

Categories: Comedy, Sermon Starter
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promoting men's group in the church. Giving hugs and having fun. A comedy.

Sample of script:

Gary Hi, Les! How’s it going?

Les Oh hi, Gary. Well, if you really must know, not too good.

Gary Why? What’s wrong?

Les It’s my wife! She thinks that I am just not comfortable enough showing affection in public!

Gary That’s crazy! You two have been married for all long time! How could she think you couldn’t be comfortable showing affection in public! I mean, what’s a little peck on the check or simply holding hands, right?

(Gary turns and smiles, but Les is getting extremely uncomfortable as Gary is speaking.)

Les (Disgusted.) A peck on the cheek? Like, kissing? That’s obscene! What if our children were around?

Gary Your children? Didn’t you youngest just have her third child last month?

Les Yeah! So!

Gary Well, Les, I think you maybe do have a problem with affection in public. There’s nothing wrong with giving your wife a little kiss or holding hands outside the home, you know.

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