Worshipping Before The Throne

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:9 min.

Bible Reference: Revelation 1-7

Categories: Missions, Monologue
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Theme:       A hard hitting monologue in which John is experiencing a vision from God, obviously not an everyday happening.

Bible Reference:      Revelations 1-7


Cast:         1 male


Set:         blank


Lighting, Sound:      standard


Costumes:    biblical period costume, likely earthy browns, perhaps threadbare clothing.


Special Instructions:   John and his brother James were known as Boanerges, the "Sons of Thunder'', thus suggesting a fiery disposition. For this reason, John's character should be consistent with this type of personality. There should be a feeling of being awestruck or overwhelmed.


Time:        9


Sample of script:      


actor comes on stage


I am John, the apostle and disciple of the Lord, the disciple whom He loved.

And from our Lord came a fresh comprehension of truth.

Now let me speak.

Listen to me.

And heed my words.

Jesus Himself was permitted by God to allow these things to be revealed to me in a vision. And an angel then was sent from heaven to explain the meaning of the vision. I wrote it all down-the words of God and Jesus Christ, everything I heard, and everything I saw.

You must read this prophecy aloud to all in the church, and if you do you will all receive a special blessing from the Lord. Those who listen to this prophecy being read, and then do what it says will also be blessed. For the time is near when all these things will all come true.

It is I, your brother John, a fellow sufferer for the Lord's sake, who am telling these things to you.

I, also, have shared the patience which Jesus Christ gives to His own, know that we who believe shall all have a part in His kingdom.

As you know, I was banished by Emperor Domitian, to the rocky island of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Asia Minor, on account of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus, because of my loyalty to the Word of God, and for telling all that I knew about Jesus Christ.

But I thank God that I was there on the barren rocks of Patmos, that I might be given the vision on that Lord's Day, when worshipping. And He, who proclaimed Himself the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, told me to write down all that I was about to see.

When I saw that it was indeed He, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His own right hand upon me, and He said, "Don't be afraid. Yes, I am the first and the last. I am He who died, but too, I am the one now alive for ever and ever! I hold the keys to hell and to death, here in my hand.

Therefore, you have no need to fear. I am He, do not be afraid!"

He asked that I say to you, "I know all the good things you are doing for Me and My flock, your kindness to the poor, your gifts and service to them. I see your hard work and your zeal to determine who is, and who is not, a true disciple of Mine.

I see how you suffer and know poverty, but fear not, you have heavenly riches built up. I know of those who oppose you, saying they are children of God, when they are not. I know that you live in the shadow of the throne of Satan, surrounded by satanic worship, yet you remain loyal to Me, and have refused to deny me, even when friends among you were martyred by the enemy.

"I respect that you have not fallen for all the false teachings, those which are sometimes called 'deeper truths'. 'Deeper truths' indeed! Teachings of the enemy, that's what! Through it all, your patience has over-ruled the thoughts of giving up, and for this I am grateful. You have not allowed the world's filth to soil you and your garments. You are: my faithful and true Witness.

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