You’re Pregnant

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Family, Mother
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Facing the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy, facing the choices of proceeding with the pregnancy or abortion, 3 teenage girls openly discuss options, and responsibilities.This script, originally written in French, uses a “say it as it is” approach to an unplanned pregnancy, and is, (in the opinion of the publisher), something that needs to be addressed in churches and youth groups.
The area of teen pregnancy, abortion, choices and abstinence does not receive the attention it deserves in the church.

Cast: 4
Roxane 16 (pregnant)
Marilou 16 (in favour of abortion)
Alex 16 (against abortion)
Hope (gives information)

Set: blank, with a park bench

Lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Props: backpack, books, a pregnancy test

Special Instructions:
Hope does not take part in the action: her role is to give information about pregnancy and abortion. Before she speaks, the three girls always freeze. Hope could move around the “frozen” girls, sit on the bench beside them, etc., or simply remain on the side. She should speak with compassion and warmth.
During the drama Hope refers to a pregnancy counselling center in the province of Quebec, (Centre Conseils Grossesse). When using this script you will replace that reference with your state or province and with a local Christian Counselling service.

Sample of Script:


HOPE : (Sitting on the bench)
Hi!... I would like to talk to you about… life… about real life…(Standing) Let’s imagine three girls, friends, at school, at lunch hour... (She moves to the side.)

Scene 1

Roxane enters, sits on the bench, takes the pregnancy test out of her backpack and starts examining it carefully. She is lost in her thoughts and looks depressed. Marilou enters and greets her happily.

Marilou : Hi Roxane! (No reaction.) Hello!!! Anybody in there?

Roxane : (Emotionless.) Oh, hi, Marilou…

Marilou : Still dreaming about your wonderful Matthew, huh? (No reaction.) Hey! Are you lost somewhere on Jupiter or Mars?... Something’s wrong?

Roxane : Hmmm… Kind of… (Embarrassed, she shows her friend the test.) You know what that is?
Marilou : (holding pregnancy test kit) No. What is it?

Roxane : (putting test kit away) Ah well, it’s not important anyways.

Marilou : (Shrugging and switching subjects.) Tomorrow, at lunch time, there’s a special meeting of the students’ paper crew. Will you be there?

Roxane : I don’t know. I don’t feel good these days.

Marilou : Really? How come? (Alex enters. She too is in a good mood.) Hey, Hi Alex!

Alex : Hi Marilou! Hi Roxane! (No reaction.) Roxane? (To Marilou, who shrugs.) Are you okay? (Shakes Roxane’s shoulder gently.) I said HI! You don’t greet your friends anymore?

Roxane : Oh, sorry… Hi…

Alex : (Noticing the pregnancy test in Roxane’s hands, she picks it up) A pregnancy test?