The Sitter

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:14

A short drama to illustrate the “waiting” of the Advent season. What are we doing to ensure that we are ready, that our lives will reflect a proper lifestyle when he returns.
Cast: is Father, Mother and 4 children and offstage narrator. Note – children can be any age, roles could be doubled up.
Father: OK, now, kids. Marie is going to be your baby-sitter tonight. I expect you to do as she tells you until we get back.
Johnny: Can I play with my toys?
Jane: Yeh, and can I play with my dolls?
Mother: Yes, children, you can play with your toys, but you must pick them all up and put them away neatly when you finish playing.

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