Its Not Santas Cause

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 45 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2
A teenage girl is unhappy about the attention given to Santa Claus, attention which she believes should be directed to the celebration of the birth of Jesus. When her family urges her to do something about it she finds it is not as easy as it might be.
This drama mixes comedy with truth and ends in a manger scene with narration

Cast: 10+ (6 of which are speaking parts) (some parts could be male or female)
Dad, late 30’s or older, a “Bill Cosby – Cliff Huxtable” type character
Mom, late 30’s or older
Tracy, older teen, self-confident
Michela, mid to late teen, committed, dedicated
Janelle, 8 year old, sweet, spoiled
Narrator (likely, not necessarily, Tracy) Narrator may be on or off stage
Several people for nativity scene
(Note that the actors in Scene I may also be in Scene II as well, depending on available actors. We recommend that if Scene I actors are used in Scene II that their identity be as much as possible hidden).

Set: Scene I living room with table and chairs
Scene II (nativity scene) is blank stage
Costumes: standard clothing in Scene I, biblical costuming in Scene II
Lighting: floodlights to control the action in Scene II
Sound: as required/available
Props: various hand props for nativity scene
Sample of script:
SCENE I – Living Room
Mom and Dad are on stage, sitting at table, drinking coffee, Janelle comes on stage
Dad: Hey baby girl, what's happening?
Janelle: Zeeeeroh!
Mom: What's wrong precious?
Janelle: There’s nothing to do around here!
Dad: How about go play with Tessa?
Janelle: Tessa’s dumb.
Dad: I thought Tessa was your best friend.
Janelle: Was. . .
Dad: Was?
Janelle: Was. . . . Tessa was a friend before she got stupid.
Mom, annoyed: Janelle Louise Marshall! . . Now that is no way for an eight year old lady to talk!
Janelle: And stupid is no way for an eight year old friend to be.
Dad: What happened with Tessa that made her a “was”?
Janelle, sarcastic: Marlessa happened, that`s what!
Mom: And Marlessa is. . . ?
Janelle, sarcastic: Marlessa Joy Jenkins is who . . . Thinks she is like . . Queen Marlessa . . . And since Queen Marlessa moved next door to Tessa, now no one else is good enough to play with Stupid Tessa!
Mom: Janelle, that is enough! . . Now no matter what is happening between you and your friend . . .
Janelle: Used to be friend, try!
Mom: Regardless, that is no way for a young lady to speak, and as your parents we won't permit it!
Dad, smiles: And besides it`s almost Christmas and . . . (secretive) . . . Santa Claus might be listening!
Janelle, annoyed: Daddy we all know that Grampa is Santa. . . (coy) . . . And when it comes to my Grampa, . . . what I want is what I get, cause like my Grampa says, . . (cute pose) . . I am waaaay cute!
Michela and Tracy come on stage
Dad: You know Grampa also says that he is just Santa’s helper in the malls at Christmas. . . The real Santa could be listening.
Michela: The whole Santa Claus thing is just so wrong! . . . Christmas is Jesus Christ, . . nothing more, nothing less.
Tracy, tease: Chill little sister. . . . Besides, Jesus doesn’t bring gifts.
Michela: Tracy that is sick!
Dad: Kids! . . . That's quite enough.
Mom: I will not have this constant bickering with you children over every little thing, now stop it.
Tracy: Yah, if we are gonna bicker let’s make it a big thing . . (picks up cake pan) . . like who gets this last piece of Mom’s yummy chocolate cake . . (gets down on knees, looks up lovingly into Mom’s eyes) . . You know how much I love you Mom, and after all, you know I am your favourite child, . . I am sure you want me to have this last lonely piece of chocolate cake, right dearest mother of mine, huh?
Mom, smiles, shakes head: You are such a clown Tracy! . . Yes, go on boy . . . have the last piece of cake.
Dad: Did anyone request the opinion of he who is the head of this home? . . . Perhaps the head of this home might want to partake of the last piece of cake, do you think?
Mom: Well . . may I remind, “the head of this home” . . . that in his recent check-up with his doctor he was told that “the head of this home” needed to lose 10 pounds.
Dad: That is unfair . . . the scales in that doctors office are old, rusty and badly out of calibration, and likely record in some foreign metric kind of language.
Janelle: This is getting more boringer by the minute! . . I’m gonna go watch TV.
Janelle leaves the stage
Michela: Can’t anyone be serious for a minute? Everybody seems to think that everything is just one big yuck! . . I am serious, we have no right to put anyone other than Jesus at the center of Christmas.
Tracy: Like I said Michela, chill out!
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