Thirty Godly Years

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 10:14-15
Celebrating the 30 year ministry of a pastor

Cast: 1 (male or female)

Set: blank

Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, looks out into audience

Hey, for sure there’s a buncha you folks here.
Me, I came to see this guy I know, preacher guy . . .
He got the most beautiful feet you ever did see. . .

pauses, looks into audience as though listening to comments, proceeds

I can see I gotta go real slow with you folks, . . back up, take a hard run at it . .
Listen up now, ok?
This preacher guy I know, he been at this preacherin’ thing for . . wow . . forever seems like . .
Like maybe . . hundred years maybe . . .

pauses, looks into audience as though listening to comments, proceeds

OK, so maybe not a hundred years quite . .
Let’s see he been . .
He been a-preachin’ like . . . pauses, counts on fingers . . . long time!
Long time . .
You likely know the preacher man’s story, born from a po family, didn't have much, but the Lord been good to him, for sure!
Yeh . . Lord been good to him for a fact.
For all those . . . (tries to remember) . . . lotsa years.

gets excited

And preacher man he been good . . . preachin the word . .
God’s word!
You know . . .the thing that’s best since slice bread with Miracle Whip on it . . .

looks in the audience, frowns, somewhat angry

Well, don't knock me over with your enthusiasm, people!

smiles, nods

There, much better . . .
In all the years that my preacher friend preached the Word he went deep, deep, deeeppp into uncharted territory of the Word of God.

pauses, frowns

I mean . . many . . years!
It’s been .. . . (excited) . . . 30 years!
30 years!
The number 30 is important. . .
Remember Jesus was 30 years of age at the start of His ministry
And Joseph, he was thirty when he became Vizier of Egypt.
Old David himself was also 30 when he began his reign.
A priest way back in the old times, he began his duties at age 30,

pauses, thinks . .

Well, and the priest retired by age 50 . . . . but that doesn’t mean so much.
Back to preacher . . .
The one with beautiful feet!
I do declare!
You just can’t wrap your mind around the beautiful feet thing can you?
Well like my preacher friend always say, I know you've been staying on the porch for long time, I'll let you in in a minute on the beautiful feet thing!

proud and excited

30 years in ministry!
30 years of sharing God's unadulterated Word.
30 years of teaching God's people about Faith, Prosperity, Kingdom, Healing and Doctrinal Truths.
For sure, that’s my preacher friend!
I do remember some of the sermons that man preached!

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