Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 15:17

Love Is Spelled ‘Obedience’
This drama involves two women, playing the role of teenagers. They should be teen-like in their costume and their actions.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as the two women walk on stage. They are chatting about different things after they have come from a Bible Study.

Tara Wasn’t that a great Bible study, Jackie?
Jackie I’ll say! Imagine if I didn’t go, I would have missed seeing Brent Bowers! He is sooo cool!
Tara (Looking a little puzzled at Jackie.) Yeah, it sure was great that Brent could be there. You know, he is going through a really rough time at home right now, so we should really remember to support him and pray for him.
Jackie (Leaning in to Tara.) What do you think could be going on at home? I hear his parents may be splitting up. Have you heard anything different?
Tara Well, I don’t really think that’s any of our business to know exactly what’s going on, but I do think we need to show him love.
Jackie (Dreamy.) That won’t be tough! I’m completely in love with him anyway!
Tara No! Not that kind of love! I mean we should show him good Christian love! You know, the kind of love that God shows us!
Jackie (Embarrassed.) Oh, yeah. That kind too. Yes, that would be the right thing. Speaking of the right thing, did you happen to see what Larissa was wearing tonight? Talk about a fashion disaster!
Tara (Upset.) Look Tara, what other people wear is their business. Besides, maybe that’s all she can afford!
Jackie (Getting very excited and leaning in for more gossip.) What do you mean? Do you know something about Larissa? Oh, I’d love to hear some juicy stuff on her!
Tara (Disgusted.) You know, I thought you loved God.
Jackie (Taken back.) Whoa, where did that come from? What do you mean?
Tara You obviously didn’t hear a word Pastor Dave was saying during the Bible study.
Jackie Of course I did! He said we were meeting at 7:00 on Friday to go bowling. A little boring if you ask me, (smiling), but if Brent Bowers comes, it would make it all worthwhile!
Tara Not that! Pastor Dave was telling us all about how if we really love God, then we would want to show it through our actions.
Jackie Well of course I love God. I know all about that kind of stuff!

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