Witnessing, Some Jesus in That

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Colossians 3:16

Witnessing effectively is the theme of this comedy. A group of would-be witnessers use a questionable, (and thoroughly ineffective), scare tactic to preach salvation.


Brittney — ditsy dumb blond
Matt — major jock
Steven — normal
Allison — smarty pants
Voice (can be an actual person)

Sample of script:

Brittney and Steven enter together from stage left or back of sanctuary

Steven, with no feeling: 0. K. You know what to do right?

Brittney: Like, duh!

Walk up to an imaginary door, Steven knocks, door opens)

Brittney, yells very loud, speaks very quickly: Would you like to buy some girl Scout Cookies?!

Steven: What?! No! (Clears his throat, talks in monotone voice, very deliberate.) Repent, for the day of judgment is near. Go to church, you evil doer. Turn from your wicked ways or you are condemned to the eternal flames of Hell.

(Turns and walks away.)

Brittney: Have a nice day!!

(Grins, skips away, exiting stage right)

(Allison and Matt enter stage left)

Matt, (as though warming up for a race): 0. K. Allison,, let’s race to that house right over there!

Allison, rolls her eyes: OK Matt! Let’s go!

(They get down into a race position.)

Allison: Ready! Set! Go!!

(Malt takes off running, Allison stands up and walks to the house.)

Matt: That wasn’t funny!

Allison: OK, here we go again! (pretends to knock on a door, when the door open she talks very fast, no pauses.) Repent for the ‘Day of Judgment’ is near. Go to church you evildoer. Turn from your wicked ways or you are condemned to the eternal flames of Hell. (Takes a deep breath.)

Matt:( with each of Allison’s line Matt gets more interested, worried look like he has never heard this before and he is the one being witnessed to:) This can’t be true! What do we do? (Bursts into tears, faces Allison, almost shouting.) Allison save us! We won’t do it anymore! We promise!(door slams.)

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