Whos On The Cover

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 22:15-22
Give to Caesar that which is Caesar's. We get caught up in "causes". Although they are all important we sometimes let them overshadow who we are really working for. We want to leave Jesus for Sunday only and work at the "important" things during the week. Be careful of idols!

Sample of script:

2 and 4 come on stage, carrying signs, keep them hidden from audience as much as possible. 1 and 3 come on stage immediately after

2: Hey, 1, 3! Good to see you! Here for the rally I suppose?

1: Oh, hello 2, 4. Rally? What rally?

4: We are holding a rally here in the park today. Why don’t you stay and join in? See, over there, here comes more people for the rally!

3: Wow! A rally! Can’t beat a good old fashioned rally, I always say!

crowd comes in from side stage, looking around as though trying to find someone, some will wave at 2, then crowd sits at stage left, xpectantly, frequently checking watches, looking out into audience, giving impression of anticipation

1: Well, tell me more, what is the rally in support of?

2: Democracy.

3: Wow, democracy. Well, I’m gonna tell you, that sure is something worth rallying for. But, then, democracy is a pretty big subject, tell us more.

4: Well, . . .duhhh, . democracy, you know, democracy, the whole ball of wax, right to free choice, home of the free and the brave, McDonald’s Full Meal Deal, the whole enchilada.

1, hesitant: Sounds good, . . . I guess. What’s the name of your group?

2:, proudly: We are “Guardians of Democracy!”

3, impressed: “Guardians of Democracy?” Woh ho! Some impressive name that!

4: We are some pleased with what GOD has been able to do so far, and the best is yet to come.

1: God? Oh, so you two are Christians then?

2: How do you mean, Christian . . . as in . . .oh I get it, GOD, no, like I mean, GOD . . . Guardians of Democracy, you know, you take the first letters, as in G . . O . . D. GOD. You know? Here, want a sign to hold?

2 offers 1 and 3 a sign with G.O.D. on it

3: Sorry, I guess we thought you meant . . God, as in . . (looks up) . . . God.

2, embarrassed: Oh, no way, I mean, that is, of course, (looks up, embarrassed), I mean, He is . . .with us . . . of course. Naturally!

4: Well, on Sundays, at least. (looks out into audience) Oh, look, here she comes.

3, confused, looks out into audience: God?

4, annoyed: Noooooo! Rebecca, (Ralph). Rebecca from “Save The Whales”. All these people have come to hear Rebecca speak!

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