A Tale of Two Missions

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:16
serving God,unselfish,pure heart missions. A drama depicting how two girls viewed their mission trip. One treated it like a fun/sun holiday, not really seeing the need. The other saw what had to bo done and put her heart and soul into it.

Sample of script:

Girls are unpacking.

Angie Boy, that was some trip! I've never had a vacation like that!

Carla I don't know if I'd call it a vacation, really. But you're right - it was quite a missions trip!

Angie (quietly.) I never thought I'd say this, but it sure is great to be back at our old dorm. The beds here are paradise compared to those stiff boards we had for mattresses down there!

Carla (a little surprised at Angie's comments.) Well, I guess comfort wasn't really the main purpose of this trip.

Angie (thinking.) No, you're right. We were there to work. (Looks into suitcase and then gets upset.) Oh no! I think I forgot to bring back my sunbathing mat!

Carla (shocked.) You took a sunbathing mat on a missions work trip?

Angie (surprised that Carla doesn't understand.) Well of course! I can't work properly with sand all over me! I needed it during my free time.

Carla: I didn't go to the beach very much. I spent my free time with a group of village kids, teaching them some songs to sing in their new church.

Angie That new church was quite the thing, huh? Instead of building a church from scratch down there, we should have go the carpenters who went down with us to do some repairs (looking around) to this old place.

Carla (getting a little angry.) We've got a perfectly fine building. Those villagers had no where to go to worship. The carpenters came with us to head up the church construction.

Angie Yeah, that's true. Anyway, can you believe I used up two rolls of film while I was down there? I'm going to have lots of pictures to remind me about our trip.

Carla That's great! You know, you should get some duplicates made and send some pictures back down there so the people will remember why we came - to show them God's love!

Angie (thinking.) Yeah, I could. (Shaking her head.) But pictures always get bent in the mail. (Continues unpacking, and points to imaginary items in the suitcase.) Let's see,

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