Deborah The Judge

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Judges 4-5

A monologue tells of Deborah, the only female judge mentioned in the Bible. In addition to her position as a judge Deborah also took command of the army to defeat King Jabin of Canaan and his general Sisera.
In this drama the retelling of this story of one of the great women of the Bible is done by Deborah’s helper Jael who killed Sisera by driving a tent peg in his temple.

Bible Reference: Judges 4-5

Cast: 1 woman

Set, Lighting, Sound:  standard

Costumes: likely traditional

Time: 5

Sample of script:

actress comes onstage, muttering

Behold the mighty warrior men!
Prattling on endlessly about their mighty military conquests!
pauses, looks into audience
Yes of course there have been extraordinary military men, that is a moot point.
My argument is not that there have not been outstanding male military minds, only to make it clear the military women have not been without success.
pauses, looks into audience, becomes angry
How dare you sir say not one woman’s name comes to mind?
Perhaps if your mind were less full of feelings of superiority there would be room between your ears for facts and logic!
Perhaps the name Dvora may strike a chord?
becoming frustrated
Oh really, are you without knowledge of our history?
Dvora, wife of Lapidoth.
more frustrated
It would seem that your lack of recall is equally inadequate whether it be men or women who are to be remembered.
Perhaps the pronunciation  . . Deborah . . . may strike a chord.
Deborah, the fourth judge of pre-monarchic Israel.
The only female judge mentioned in the Holy Books.
nods, smiles, nods head
Ahhh, it would seem you have now made the connection!
She who judged Israel for much of her 75 years.
Deborah wisely rendered her judgement beneath a palm tree between Ramah and Bethel, people with grievances found her judgements fair and true.
nods head, smiles triumphantly
Ahhh yes, now your mind does indeed recall the legend of Deborah!

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