• Cast Number: 1
  • Bible Reference: Mark 1:16-18
Andrew visits the church, telling of being God's "introducer". The first part of the drama is spent with the children during the church service, then they and Andrew procede to their Sunday School class and continue the lesson.

Andrew is in period costume. The actor can be any age but should be made up to appear as very old. He should have a long grey beard and walk with a staff. He should walk bent over to give the impression of old age. Although forceful he must take care not to frighten or intimidate the children. Andrew must "stay in character" at all times. It is extremely important that the actor conduct himself in such a way as to be entertaining and exciting but he must be very careful not to come across as a "comedy act." This drama is meant to generate interest yet with a theme of dignified, sober sincerity.

Prior to Abraham entering the sanctuary, the pastor invites the children to come to the front of the church. The cue for the actor to enter are the pastor's words, "close friends"

Sample of script

Pastor says: Boys and girls, this morning in Children's Church we have a special guest. He has been referred to as the patron saint of Sunday Schools. His name is Andrew. He was one of Jesus' disciples and close friends. Here he is now!
Andrew enters sanctuary from side door: Good morning! My name is Andrew. Do you know what it means to introduce someone? . . . . . . . It means to help someone get to know another person, doesn't it? I have been called "The Introducer" You see, it was I who introduced my brother, Peter, to Jesus. Has anyone here heard the story about the five loaves of bread and the two small fish? Well many, many years ago when Jesus was preaching, a very large crowd of people came to hear him. It got very late and the crowd were hungry with nowhere to go for food. Jesus asked us disciples if we had seen anyone in the crowd who had food. When no one else spoke up I told Jesus of a little boy who had five loaves of bread and two small fish. So I introduced the little boy to Jesus. The boy gave the bread and fish to Jesus who prayed and then broke up the food into small pieces. And you know, Jesus made a miracle happen! That very small meal was enough to feed over 5,000 people! I was proud to be an introducer. Now let's pray together and then we'll go to Children's Church. "Father, bless these children. Help them be introducers, that they may lead others to You. Amen".Andrew takes the hand of a couple of the smallest children and leads them all down the aisle and out the back doors of the sanctuary.

Andrew says: As was mentioned in church, I was a disciple of Jesus Do you know what it means to be a disciple? . . ... It means to work and study and spend time with a person. I was able to spend a lot of time with Jesus and I was also able to introduce many people to Him.Although you don't hear my name, Andrew, in the Bible as much as some others such as my brother Peter, I was very fortunate to be around Jesus during his years preaching.
As it shows in the Bible, I and another disciple named John were the first to believe in Jesus.
Very often I was spoken of as, "Peter's brother", but I loved my brother and was not jealous of the fact that he was better known than I.
Like Jesus, my brother Peter was a very good speaker, and one day when Peter was preaching he actually had 3,000 people give their lives to Jesus. Me, I just seemed to bring people to Jesus one at a time. But that was OK with me, and OK with Jesus as well. The only thing that really mattered was that people would come to know Jesus.

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