Age Unimportant

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 19:14

age doesn’t matter when you want to serve God.


Cast:               five children


No special sets, costumes, props, lighting or sound


Sample of script:


1:                     I am 1, reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper.  And what is your name?


David:             My name is David.  To some I am a shepherd, to other a king.


1:                     And your name?


Noah:              I am Noah.  All of a sudden I was a sailor.


1:                     And you?


Mary:               I am Mary.   An angel told me I would have a baby.


1:                     Who are you?


Joseph:            I am Joseph, people know me for my colourful coat.


1:                     Where did God find you?


David:             God found me when I was young, looking after sheep. 


Noah:              I was an old man, looking after my family.


Mary:               I was a young girl, soon to be married.


Joseph:            God found me in a cistern, where my brothers had thrown me, and in a prison, where I didn’t deserve to be.


1:                     What job did God have for you?


David:             God wanted me to become the king.


Noah:              God wanted me to save his people and creatures from the flood.


Mary:               God wanted me to be the mother of his own son, Jesus.


Joseph:            God wanted me to give food to my family when they were hungry.


1:                     How did you feel about the job God asked you to do?


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