VBS Excitement

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2Timothy 1:7
The need for excitement in church leadership. The importance of being together to learn about God and to worship in His presence.
A committee is meeting to plan for Vacation Bible School, and all that anyone wants to do is get finished with this "chore". But a newcomer to the committee, a newer Chriatian makes some comments which get everyone squirming.Sample of script:

Lorna: OK, let’s get going on this, sooner we’re started sooner we’re done, I always say.

Ellen: Yah, look, d’ya ‘spose we can wind this up before 7:30, my hubby has a dart game at Stacy’s tonight, I thought maybe I would drop by, watch.

Lorna: Hey, look, I am as anxious to get this finished and done as the next guy.

Billie: Well, maybe we get started then?

Lorna: Just before we start, do you guys know Tanya, she’s offered to help in leadership for VBS this year. We sure do appreciate you being here, Tanya!

Tanya: I’m not sure what I can do, I mean, I am a fairly new Christian, but I just feel as though God has been urging me to greater commitment in the children’s area. Like I said, I am kinda scared about what I can do, but I am very excited to see what God can do. I mean, you guys who have been doing the VBS program for years, well, you must just be so excited about this program!

Billie: Excited? Well, yah, for sure, I mean it’s a lot of work but, excited, sure, a bit.

Lorna: OK, then, all of us know why we are here, VBS is coming up in two months, it’s time we get something planned, next thing you know it will be time to get started. Ellen, you were going to do some checking on VBS materials from Schroeder’s Christian Store, how did that go?

Ellen: You would not believe the price of that stuff! If we went that route it would cost us hundreds of dollars, no way we have a budget for that! There are Leader’s Guides, books for every kid, videos, handouts. Nice enough stuff but big bucks!

Billie: Well why would you need a book for every kid? Just buy one and photocopy for everyone.

Ellen: Well, all over the books it warns you’re not supposed to photocopy materials.

Billie: All those big publishers say that, it’s just their natural statement, no one ever pays attention to that. Besides, it’s not right that they charge us exorbitant rates, I mean they call themselves Christian, if they were so Christian why wouldn’t they give it away free; you know, outreach, saving the lost and all?

Tanya: But wouldn’t that be wrong, I mean, how can God bless when we are really kinda stealing the materials we are using?

Billie: Stealing? Hey, wait a minute here, no one said anything about . . .

Lorna: Hey, let’s keep focused here, I don’t like this job any better than you guys but it’s a necessary evil I always say, I mean, what does the church think if there’s no VBS this year? Anyhow, what about people, I hope we don’t have the same trouble as last year in getting volunteers.

Billie: Me too, this job is bad enough without having to twist arms! What ever happened to cheerful givers? Seems like there is no one with experience who wants to do this job.

Tanya: Excuse me? I know I am new here but it sure sounds like you leaders aren’t cheerful, so how do you expect others to be cheerful and excited if you aren’t? All I seem to be hearing is that we are “anxious to get this finished and done,” and “you don’t like this job any better than anyone else,” or “the job is bad enough”. Excuse me for saying so but what kind of Christian leadership attitude is that?

Billie: Hey just a cotton-pickin’ minute here, who are you saying has a bad attitude, and who said anything about us not liking our job? I will have you know that I have been doing VBS for over twelve years now, and I don’t need any newbie coming along and . . . . . .

Ellen: Lorna, Billie, Tanya is right you know. Just listen to us. We are treating this as a job that has to be done, worse, a job that we wish we didn’t have to do.

Lorna: Well, it is a job, and very hard work!

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