Win the Race - Serving God

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 2:10

Winning the race with God’s grace.
A segment of the 5 part drama, designed for VBS or children’s camp, uses the theme of car racing to focus on finding your purpose in life. This segment speaks of finding your focus by serving God.
Five racers, (Andi Airhead, Randy Ratchet, Ted Tirechanger, Wendy Wrench, Trudy Treadwear), are joined by a racer wannabe, singer Laps the Racer. The result is silliness with a message.

Sample of script:

Finding your purpose in the race by serving God

Andi and Trudy come on stage, speaking

Trudy: So, anyhow Becky just got back last night from the SCRA annual meeting in Phoenix.

Andi: I bet Becky would get a real up-close look at how things happen there. The Stock Car Racing Association does a great job and I know Becky will do great serving on the board of directors.

Trudy: Well she sure was excited about being elected to the board.

Andi: Becky has served on the local board for years so it's not like she is new to making good decisions.

Trudy: Well Becky always says she learned a ton from serving on the executive with you Andi. You’ve always been serving over the years.Andi: What about all the years you have been a volunteer Trudy? When they gave you the “VIP Volunteer” award last year everyone I talked to said it couldn’t go to a more deserving person.

Trudy: We all do our bit Andi, no one is more deserving than anyone else.

Laps, comes on stage, singing, strumming guitar: Oh they call me a racer I bin racin' long time For sure I'm a legend Only in my own mind.

Andi: Hi Laps, hey I was just talking about you to Lefty Speedball last night.

Laps: Lefty Speedball?

Andi: Yeh, Lefty, he’s in charge of recruiting crowd control people for the big race next month. I said maybe you would like to volunteer.

Laps: Me? Volunteer? And just where do you figger I am gonna carve out time in my hectic schedule to like volunteer?

Trudy: All of us are busy Laps, but without volunteers we simply couldn’t put on these great activities, racing just wouldn’t fly without dedicated volunteers.

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