Win the Race - True Worship

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 12:30

Winning the race with God’s grace.
A segment of the 5 part drama, designed for VBS or children’s camp, uses the theme of car racing to focus on finding your purpose in life.
This segment focuses on true worship.
Five racers, (Andi Airhead, Randy Ratchet, Ted Tirechanger, Wendy Wrench, Trudy Treadwear), are joined by a racer wannabe, singer Laps the Racer. The result is silliness with a message.

Sample of script:

Finding your purpose with true worship

Andi, Randy, Ted, Wendy and Trudy come on stage talking

Andi: So this fella says, “Surely they can build a car that will stand up to that kinda use.”

Randy: Some folks just don’t seem to realize an automobile is a finely tuned instrument, needs to be respected, looked after.

Ted: For a fact, whether you are amateur driver or pro, look after your vehicle people!

Wendy: Got two hundred thousand clicks on my car, yet it's in like showroom condition!

Trudy: Sure Wendy, but you like baby that car of yours.

Wendy: Why not? After all, my car is my baby!

Laps comes strolling on stage, strumming guitar and singing, other actors watch, only mildly interested


Oh they call me a racer
I bin racin' long time
For sure I'm a legend Only in my own mind.

Randy: Run for cover, it's . . . him (her)!

Laps: Hey, just the guys I was looking for!

Andi: Hey Laps, what's up?

Laps: My friend, Hector Headstrong, introduced me to this awesome new game and . .

Ted: You have a friend whose name is Hector Headstrong? That’s amazing!

Wendy: I find it even more amazing that you have a friend.

Laps: Anyways, my friend, Hector Headstrong, introduced me to red chipmunk racing.

Trudy: This Hector dude races chipmunks?

Laps: Sure does, and not just chipmunks, red chipmunks! Hector races as much as 32 days a month, and I plan to do the same.

Andi: That could be a tough thing to do, seein’s on the best of months there’s only like 31 days, . . . but then who’s counting?

Laps: So, anyways, I am gonna sign up to be a chipmunk racer

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