Backyard Servant1 - Serving Family

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 12:29-31
Sketch 1 of 5 on the theme of “Who, (and why), do we serve?”
This five part drama was written to compliment the Standard Publishing VBS program, “God’s Backyard”.
The individual themes for the five days are:
Serving Family (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Family)
Serving Friends (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Friends)
Serving Neighbours (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Neighbours)
Serving Community (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Community)
Serving Jesus (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Jesus)
Can be used for a VBS program or each script can be used as a self-standing drama. When used for VBS there is an opening drama and a short closing drama with an optional intro into, and back out of, the main VBS program. When used as a regular drama this optional portion would be omitted.
NOTE: DramaShare has no relationship with Standard Publishing and the Standard Publishing materials were not used in writing these scripts.

Cast: 4
male or female, any age

Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Props: photo albums, rake, hoe, Bible

Time: 15 (for each sketch)

Sample of script: Sketch 1 – Serving Family

Willie and Woodie are sitting at a picnic table on stage looking at a photo album, Tracey and Lynn enter and stand upstage, leaning on rake and hoe, listening

Willie: Yeh and that’s Cousin Beatrice.

Woodie: Strange lookin’ gomer ain't she?

Willie: That was one gal that was ‘way behind the door when looks were handed out I tell ya!

Woodie: Who’s this here?

Willie: Mom’s Uncle Ned.

Woodie: Never did hear of him I don’t believe.

Willie: For a fact. Old Ned, he was kinda the black sheep of the family.

Willie and Woodie see Tracey and Lynn

Willie: Hey who are you guys?

Tracey: I’m Tracey, and this, (points to Lynn), is my partner Lynn.

Lynn: We are from the Backyard Service Company, we’re here to get your backyard all spruced up and special for your family!

Woodie: Wow, like you just come in and take care of everything in the backyard?
Tracey: For sure we do Woodie . . . . Cut the grass, trim the hedges, rake the leaves .. everything!

Willie: You mean, you do this kinda work, like . . on purpose?

Lynn: Backyard Service, at your service!

Tracey: That there is like our motto.

Willie: Wow, I sometimes do those things, like mowing and raking and such, but only if I can't, like, get outta it.

Lynn: Well, we should get to work; fix everything up here in your backyard.

Tracey: Hope we don’t make too much noise, wouldn’t want to disturb you if you are doing anything special.

Willie: Naw, we’re just lookin’ at these old family albums.

Woodie: Funny lookin’ gomers mostly.

Lynn: Pardon me for saying so but that’s like not a real nice thing to say about your family is it?

Willie: Not really family, see these are like uncles, cousins, that sorta thing.

Lynn: Well, uncles and cousins, they’re still family.

Woodie: Really? I always thought that family was like parents and brothers and sister, stuff like that.

Willie: Ya, and I am not so awful sure about Mary Ellen. Dad said that we had to be nice to Mary Ellen ‘cause she is our sister, but way I see it we could maybe hope to trade Mary Ellen for a package of bubble gum.

Tracey: That’s not a nice thing to say about your sister.

Woodie: Well don’t make rash statements like that until you see Mary Ellen.

Willie: Ya, and ‘specially if the deal is for Triple Bubble Bang bubble gum!
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