Backyard Servant2 - Serving Friends

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 3:35
Sketch 2 of 5 on the theme of “Who, (and why), do we serve?”
This five part drama was written to compliment the Standard Publishing VBS program, “God’s Backyard”.
The individual themes for the five days are:
Serving Family (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Family)
Serving Friends (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Friends)
Serving Neighbours (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Neighbours)
Serving Community (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Community)
Serving Jesus (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Jesus)
Can be used for a VBS program or each script can be used as a self-standing drama. When used for VBS there is an opening drama and a short closing drama with an optional intro into, and back out of, the main VBS program. When used as a regular drama this optional portion would be omitted.
NOTE: DramaShare has no relationship with Standard Publishing and the Standard Publishing materials were not used in writing these scripts.

Bible Reference: Mark 12:29-31, Mark 3:35

Cast: 4
male or female, any age

Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Props: recliners or lawn chairs, drinking glasses

Sample of script: Sketch 2 – Serve Friends

Willie and Woodie are laying on recliners drinking lemonade, enjoying the sun

Willie: Wow Woodie, is this some kinda day or what?

Woodie: Mmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm! You said it Willie, some kinda day!

Willie: Sun shining down, not a cloud in the sky!

Woodie: Laying here in our family’s backyard.

Willie: The family who, I might remind you, we love dearly!

Woodie: And cause we love our family we serve them.

Willie: For sure we did a bang-up job cleaning up our family’s backyard, looks some kinda awesome, for sure!

Woodie: You know what . . . I kinda like this serving our family.

Willie: And now we can lie here in our family’s backyard, enjoy the day.

Woodie: Kinda in our own little world, just you and me and our family.

Willie: A tall cool glass of Mom’s lemonade in hand, I tell ya, life does not get much better than this!

Woodie: Mom’s lemonade is for sure second to none, not too sweet, not too tangy, just bang-on awesome is what it is.

Willie: Ever wonder how the rest of the world manages, not havin’ Mom’s lemonade and all?

Woodie: Who cares? All of our family has Mom’s lemonade, that’s for sure all that counts.

Willie: Like you say Woodie, our own little world.

Tracey and Lynn come on stage carrying hoe and rake

Willie, waves: Hey Tracey, Lynn, whatcha doin’ over there in Mrs. Duncan’s backyard?

Tracey: Hey Willie, Woodie. Me and Lynn, we are cleaning up Mrs. Duncan’s backyard. You know . . . Backyard Service, at your service!

Lynn: Likely you know Mrs. Duncan, what with you being next door neighbours and all.

Willie: Mrs. Duncan? Oh for sure we know Mrs. Duncan, she's a sweet lady, a good friend, teaches me in Sunday School.

Woodie: And forgiving too. Mrs. Duncan hardly ever reminds me much about how my baseball went through her picture window by accident last year.

Willie: “Went through her picture window by accident?” . . . Woodie, you threw your baseball, real hard, straight through Mrs. Duncan’s big picture window.

Woodie: It was an accident, I was throwing my ball up over Mrs. Duncan’s roof and see it was a real cold day, and everyone knows how the air gets real heavy on a really cold day. When I threw my ball, which, on a hot day like today, would have easy cleared Mrs. Duncan’s roof, but being as how it was like I say real cold, my ball just hung up there and . . whamo . . . right through Mrs. Duncan’s big, . . . and expensive, . . . picture window.
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