Backyard Servant3 - Serving Neighbours

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 12:29-31
Sketch 3 of 5 on the theme of “Who, (and why), do we serve?”
This five part drama was written to compliment the Standard Publishing VBS program, “God’s Backyard”.
The individual themes for the five days are:
Serving Family (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Family)
Serving Friends (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Friends)
Serving Neighbours (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Neighbours)
Serving Community (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Community)
Serving Jesus (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Jesus)
Can be used for a VBS program or each script can be used as a self-standing drama. When used for VBS there is an opening drama and a short closing drama with an optional intro into, and back out of, the main VBS program. When used as a regular drama this optional portion would be omitted.
NOTE: DramaShare has no relationship with Standard Publishing and the Standard Publishing materials were not used in writing these scripts.

Cast: 4
male or female, any age

Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Sample of script: Sketch 3 – Serve Neighbours

Willie and Woodie are sitting on stage, very dejected, Tracey and Lynn walk on stage, listen

Willie, big sigh: This is so totally sick!

Woodie: Bummer is what.

Willie: Nothing could be any worse than this!

Woodie: Nope.

Lynn: Hey what's wrong guys?

Tracey: You were so excited last time I saw you, what happened?

Willie: Well, you guys said we would do backyard service for all our friends.

Lynn: Yes, that’s exactly what we said.

Woodie: So we went all around the block and found all our friends, and we served them by cleaning up their backyards.

Tracey: Well that’s wonderful, but I still don’t understand why that would make you sad.

Willie: Well, when we were going around the block we found lots of really messy backyards, but because it wasn’t friends of ours who lived there we couldn’t serve them by cleaning their backyards.

Lynn: Wait a minute, did you forget about who is your family friend?

Tracey: What does it say about that in Mark?

Woodie: I looked it up and it said that whoever does God’s will is like my family.

Lynn: OK, so . . ?

Willie: So we went door to door and asked everyone if they do God’s will.

Woodie: And in the houses where they told us that they do God’s will we served them by cleaning up their back yard.

Tracey: Well that was a good thing, and you mean that serving all these people didn’t make you feel good, and make you happy?

Willie, sad look: We felt real good and real happy.

Lynn: Well then, I don’t understand, why are you unhappy now?

Willie: ‘Cause when we were walking around the block we saw all these other backyards that really, really needed cleaning.

Tracey: So then, why didn’t you go clean those dirty backyards?

Willie: ‘Cause those folks in those houses said they didn’t do the will of God.

Woodie: So that meant they couldn’t be our friends.

Willie: And so we couldn’t clean their backyards.

Woodie, big sigh: Bummer is what! . . . What’s the use, might as well just go to bed.

Willie and Woodie start to move offstage

Lynn: Wait up, you don’t understand!

Tracey: Yeh, we need to have a long talk about serving neighbours, as well as friends.
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