Backyard Servant4 - Serving Community

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 12:29-31
Sketch 4 of 5 on the theme of “Who, (and why), do we serve?”

This five part drama was written to compliment the Standard Publishing VBS program, “God’s Backyard”.
The individual themes for the five days are:
Serving Family (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Family)
Serving Friends (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Friends)
Serving Neighbours (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Neighbours)
Serving Community (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Community)
Serving Jesus (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Jesus)
Can be used for a VBS program or each script can be used as a self-standing drama. When used for VBS there is an opening drama and a short closing drama with an optional intro into, and back out of, the main VBS program. When used as a regular drama this optional portion would be omitted.
NOTE: DramaShare has no relationship with Standard Publishing and the Standard Publishing materials were not used in writing these scripts.

Cast: 4
male or female, any age

Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Sample of script: Sketch 4 – Serve Community

all actors walk on stage, animated, chatting excitedly

Willie: And Mr. Thompson he says, “I never realized you churchy guys could be so kind and helpful!” And he gives me twenty dollars!

Tracey: You are not serious? . . . You mean tight wad Thompson? . . . Sorry but that’s what everyone calls him.

Woodie: I know, but actually Mr. Thompson is a real nice guy when you get to know him.

Willie: Did you guys know that he has model railroads all over his basement? He invited us to come over anytime and help him build this humongous new track that he is putting together.

Woodie: And we invited him to go to church with us next Sunday. . . I mean, he didn’t say yes, . . but he didn’t say no either.

Lynn: That is so exciting Willie!

Willie: Sure is Lynn. We are having a blast serving our neighbours.

Woodie: And we owe it all to you guys. . . Thanks Tracey, Lynn!

Tracey: It's so exciting to see what God can do when we trust him, and show the love of Jesus to our neighbours. It’s just Backyard Service . . at your service!

Willie: Sure is! Do you realize that since you two introduced us to Backyard Service we have actually met, like talked face to face, with every single person on our whole block?

Woodie: Not every person has been all that friendly but, that doesn’t matter, we can still be friendly to them, right?

Lynn: For sure you can Woodie.

Willie: I think that our next step should be in some foreign country.

Woodie: Seems there are a lot of needs out there in some of those foreign countries.

Lynn: Well, for sure there are but do you are quite ready for that? That is a really big step you know.

Tracey: You guys thinking of something like Africa or Russia?

Willie: Well, could be, but I was more thinking like Hawaii or the French Rivera. All in the name of serving others, of course.

Lynn, smiles: Of course. . . Like you said, there are needs all over the world, but we don’t have to wait until we can go to other countries to serve others. There are people in need, depressed people, much closer to home.

Woodie: You got a point there Lynn. . . Like we could go assist the people in Topeka, Kansas (or any city).

Lynn: Is there a problem in Topeka, Kansas?

Woodie: My guess is you have never been to Topeka, Kansas, right?

Lynn: That wasn’t nice Woodie, I will have you know I have a really nice friend who lives in Topeka, Kansas.

Woodie: On purpose?

Tracey: Did you guys hear that our church is starting an outreach down on Main Street?

Willie: Wow, that’s a really tough part of town.

Woodie: Yeh, a lot of crime, drugs, homeless people.

Willie: Scares me sometimes, just driving through there.

Woodie: And you mean our church actually plans to like, send our people down there.
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