Aloha Surfer Dude - The Way

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 15:21-16:7

Part 3 of a 5 part series written to work with LifeWay’s “Outrigger Island” VBS program. NOTE DramaShare is in no way connected with LifeWay, and these scripts were written at a DramaShare member’s request, we did not see any LifeWay materials, (other than that which is open and visible on the LifeWay website).
The emphasis of this, (part 3), drama is to show that Jesus is the only way, I can confess him as my saviour, God’s son, I can celebrate who he is.
The “Aloha Surfer Dude” Al is a member of “SOS” – (Surfers on Sand), why? Because water is hard on his hair, why else? Al fumbles his way along and others try to help, usually unsuccessfully. Which makes for good fun, and actually there is a real, although silly, message.
The other sketches in this series are:
- Part 1 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Real One”. God is real, I can believe God is real, there is no other God
- Part 2 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Son”. Jesus is God’s son, we can celebrate who he is
- Part 4 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Word”. The Bible is God’s word, I can explore it's truth
- Part 5 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Truth”. My actions show what I believe, I can stand for God’s truth
Cast: 3 (m or f, could be any age)

Set: none required, could show a shore and seascape with backdrop

Lighting and sound: standard

Costumes: beach wear

Props: surf board, magnifying glass

Time: 7

Sample of Script:

Day 3: I know Jesus is the only way, I can confess him as my Saviour. His death, burial and resurrection proves it.

Al is on stage, holding a big magnifying glass, looking downwards, all around
After a short time Lisa and Reagan come on stage, watch for a short while

Lisa: My guess is that he has lost something.

Reagan: Looking for something out here could be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lisa: More like a needle in a sand pile I’d say.

Reagan: Gotta hand it to him, he is determined.

Lisa, to Al: Excuse me . . .

Al continues, doesn’t listen

Lisa: Al!

Reagan: Let me try . . . Hey, Aloha Surfer Dude!

Al, jumps: Hey, who, what . . . Oh, hey Lisa, . . . Reagan.

Lisa: Whatcha doing, what's the magnifying glass for?

Al: Fact is somebody stole my board.

Reagan: Your surfboard?

Al: It’s true.

Lisa: Where was it?

Al, points down: Was here . . right here.

Reagan: Oh look, you can see the marks that the surfboard made here in the sand.

Lisa: And here’s some footprints leading off (points ahead) in that direction.

Al, impressed: Wow, for sure you guys are great detectives, should’a been like private eyes!

Lisa: See the guy had strange looking shoes on.

Al: How do you know about his shoes, and how do you know it was a guy?

Lisa: Either a guy or a woman with tremendous big feet.

Reagan: Real deep, strange shaped cleats on his shoes.

Al, gets down on hands and knees, looks: Wow, I see that . . . Seems to me I have seen those kinda tracks somewhere.

Reagan: Look quite a lot like the cleats on your shoes Al.


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