Aloha Surfer Dude - The Word

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 36

Part 4 of a 5 part series written to work with LifeWay’s “Outrigger Island” VBS program. NOTE DramaShare is in no way connected with LifeWay, and these scripts were written at a DramaShare member’s request, we did not see any LifeWay materials, (other than that which is open and visible on the LifeWay website).
The emphasis of this, (part 4), drama is to show that the Bible is God’s word, I can explore it’s truth.
The “Aloha Surfer Dude” Al is a member of “SOS” – (Surfers on Sand), why? Because water is hard on his hair, why else? Al fumbles his way along and others try to help, usually unsuccessfully. Which makes for good fun, and actually there is a real, although silly, message.
The other sketches in this series are:
- Part 1 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Real One”. God is real, I can believe God is real, there is no other God
- Part 2 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Son”. Jesus is God’s son, we can celebrate who he is
- Part 3 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Way”. Jesus is the only way, I can confess him as my saviour.
- Part 5 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Truth”. My actions show what I believe, I can stand for God’s truth

Cast: 4 (m or f, could be any age)

Set: none required, could show a shore and seascape with backdrop

Lighting and sound: standard

Costumes: beach wear

Props: surf board

Sample of Script:
Day 4: I know the Bible is God’s word, I can explore it’s truth
Jeremiah & Boruch

Al comes on stage, does warmups, looks into audience

Al: Now then, good day class, welcome to “Sanding Sensations”
!Today we are going to explore the wonderful world of Sand Surfing.
I am your host for this session . . I am . . Al, the Aloha Surfer Dude!I am here to open up the wonderful world of sand surfing to you dudes and I . .

Zoe comes quickly on stage, embraces Al

Zoe: There he is . . . .! . . . Do you sir, have the foggiest idea oh awesome it is to see you, to touch you, to smell you . . .

Al, backs away: Hey, OK dude, but like . . who are you?

Zoe: I am Zoe! . . . And without doubt one, I am for sure your very biggest fan is what!

Al: Cool, like, cool I guess, Zoe, thing is . . I have never had, like, a fan.

Zoe: Well get ready for it Tommy Townsend . .. ‘cause I am for sure crazy about how you . . .

Al, confused: Tommy . . Townsend? . . .

Zoe: Yep! You, Tommy Townsend, sand surfer like no other on earth!

Al: But see I am not Tommy Townsend, I am Al, the Aloha Surfer Dude and I. . .

Zoe, shocked: You are not Tommy Townsend? . . . . (smiles knowingly) . . . Of course you are Tommy Townsend . . those huge muscles . . .

Al, smiles, makes a muscle: Well, guilty as charged on that one for sure but . .

Zoe: Bright red hair, (or another color opposite to what Al’s hair color actually is).

Al: Bright red? . . . not so much. . . .

Zoe: I have worshipped you from afar, watched as you have slowly but surely rose to the top of sand surfing competitions all over the world, your name, Tommy Townsend, on the lips of millions of your adoring fans, right there, (points into the audience) . . and in every continent!

Al, squints out in the direction pointed: Where are they, I don’t quite see . . .

Zoe, chuckles: Oh you sly fox you, Tommy Townsend, you know full well what I am talking about . . you, who just returned from the Royal Kingdom of Masherby where . .

Al, confused: Royal Kingdom of Masherby??

Zoe: Where you won the world championship in advanced sand surfing . .


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