Aloha Surfer Dude - The Truth

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 10:25-37

Part 5 of a 5 part series written to work with LifeWay’s “Outrigger Island” VBS program. NOTE DramaShare is in no way connected with LifeWay, and these scripts were written at a DramaShare member’s request, we did not see any LifeWay materials, (other than that which is open and visible on the LifeWay website).
The emphasis of this, (part 5), drama uses the basis of the story of the Good Samaritan to show that my actions show what I believe, I can stand for God’s truth.
The “Aloha Surfer Dude” Al is a member of “SOS” – (Surfers on Sand), why? Because water is hard on his hair, why else? Al fumbles his way along and others try to help, usually unsuccessfully. Which makes for good fun, and actually there is a real, although silly, message.
The other sketches in this series are:
- Part 1 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Real One”. God is real, I can believe God is real, there is no other God
- Part 2 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Son”. Jesus is God’s son, we can celebrate who he is
- Part 3 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Way”. Jesus is the only way, I can confess him as my saviour.
- Part 4 – “Aloha Surfer Dude – The Word”. The Bible is God’s word, I can explore it's truth

Cast: 3 (m or f, could be any age)

Set: none required, could show a shore and seascape with backdrop

Lighting and sound: standard

Costumes: beach wear

Props: surf board

Sample of Script:
Day 5: I know my actions stand for what I believe, I can stand for God’s truth.
Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37

Al is on stage surfing, Lisa and Reagan come on stage talking

Lisa: So I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I mean here they are, supposedly smart surfers, and they are doing these scary things!

Reagan: No kidding! They for sure should have known better!

Al: Look dudes, cut those guys some slack, I mean they were likely just having some fun and . .

Lisa: I for sure have no problem with having fun, but not when it puts surfers in danger!

Al, does “time out” sign: Hey hold up dude, like just what kind of things were they doing?

Lisa: Well they were turning quickly on a wave . .

Al: You are talking carving . . . . What else?

Lisa: And they were running up and down their boards . . .

Al: Yup, cross-stepping . . . What else?

Lisa: Well these guys were surfing with their backs to the wave . . .

Al: Yep, doin’ the backside . . . What else?

Lisa: Well they were surfing with their right foot forward, everybody knows we are trained to surf with the left foot forward . .

Al: Doin’ the goofy foot is what us dudes call it . . . No biggie.

Lisa: It made me so mad when they would just jump in on other surfers when they are on the wave . . .

Al, upset: Really? . . . Those barneys were snakin’?

Reagan: “Barneys”?

Al: That’s what us primo surfer dudes call guys that don’t have a clue what they are doing, or when they are acting bad out there on the pond . .

Reagan: So you call that being a snake?

Al: For sure is, and no good surfer dude’s ever gonna go be a snaker!

Lisa: Well they were snakes for sure, doing all the things I said and more!

Al: Well for sure they were outta line snakin’ for sure. But those other things, carving, cross-stepping, doin’ the backside or the goofy foot, I mean, that’s just being a surfer dude, man!


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