Splash Man Sketch 2

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 13
Sketch 2 of 3 based on “Jesus Washes Disciple’s Feet” John 13
The super heroes, Splash Man and Splash Girl, are in town to help out at the Vacation Bible School and trouble, and laughter, follow them. This is a 3 part sketch, (excellent for VBS), each segment being approximately 10 minutes:
- Sketch 1 is based on “Jesus Calms the Storm” Matt 8:23, Mark 4:35, Luke 8:22
- Sketch 3 is based on “The Woman at the Well” John 4
The main characters are based, (of course), on Bat Man and Bat Girl.

Cast: 4
Splash Man
Splash Girl
(Peter and Jennie could be male or female)

Set: backdrop of swimming pool with lifeguard station

Sound: Music: “Splash Man” MP3 recorded by DramaShare, lyrics by DramaShare is online for members at “TECHNICAL HELP” link, “Script Songs” dropdown

Costumes: super hero type costumes, Jennie and Peter have regular leisure clothing

Props: plastic water wings for Splash Man, Splashmobile, (small tricycle with a push arm at the back), flag, ice cream cones, small packet

Time: 10 minutes each segment, 30 minutes in total

Sketch 2 – Washing Up

Splash Man music plays

All Singers (Offstage voices)

Splash Man
Splash Man
Splash Man

Splash Man rides on stage on Splashmobile with Splash Girl pushing, do several loops around the stage

All Singers: Here’s the one who is our hero
Cuts the bad guys down to zero
He’s the best, let’s make that clear-o
For he is our super hero

Singers2, quiet:
Splash Man!
(and on the same beats, loud)
Singers1: Near the water he’s impressive
Singers2: If he just knew how to dressive

Singers2, quiet:
Splash Man!
(and on the same beats, loud)
Singers1: He’s the one who always pleases
Singers2: Though the water gives him sneezes

Singers2, quiet:
Splash Man!
(and on the same beats, loud)
Singers1: He’s our hero, he is Splash Man
Singers2: Splashmobile he rides when he can

Singers2, quiet:
Splash Man!
(and on the same beats, loud)
Singers1: Never fear when he’s on duty
Singers2: And that Splash Girl’s such a cutie

All, loud: Splash Man, Splash Man, Splash Man
Na na na na na na na na Splash Man!

Splash Man and Splash Girl stop, Splash Man gets off Splashmobile

SMan, checks watch: Wow, six minutes, fourteen seconds, an all-time record, all the way here to the Splash Pool from the Splash Cave!

SGirl, puffing: Am just about worn out Splash Man; that pushing the Splashmobile is some kinda work!

SMan: Well, wish I could help you Splash Girl, but sitting here at the Splashmobile controls is a bigger job than most would ever guess.

SGirl: I guess . . .

SMan: Better go get the Splashmobile out of the way, the technology for the Splashmobile is hi-tech secret, wouldn’t want that to get into enemy hands!

SGirl: You are so right Splash Man, I’ll bet there are dozens of enemy agents that would pay big dollars for the plans on how to build this incredible piece of engineering!

SMan: I have been meaning to tell you Splash Girl, I surely do like the new uniform you are wearing.

SGirl: Nice to hear you say that Splash Man. . . the colors really worked out well I think.

SMan: Surely did, and I for sure like the new logo too.

SGirl: Well I have to say I am so pleased to see you carry around that good looking Splash Flag.

SMan: Very proud of this Splash Flag. Did you know this was my Daddy’s Splash Flag when he was Splash Man.

SGirl: Nice that you are carrying on your daddy’s tradition Splash Man.

SMan: Means a lot to me. My Daddy was the first Splash Man super hero, and this was his genuine first Splash Flag . . would never want to see anything happen to this old Splash Flag, for sure! . . No way this Splash Flag could ever be replaced!

Peter and Jennie come on stage eating ice cream cones

Peter: Hey Splash Man, Splash Girl, I should’a brought you two some of this awesome peanut butter swirl ice cream, it is soooooo good!

Jennie: For sure it is awesome delicious!

SMan: Well OK, but just be careful of that ice cream, don’t go dropping it anywhere around the pool area here.

SGirl: Yes, and for sure make sure that it is all cleaned up and gone before the kids get back to the pool here.

Peter: For sure guys I know what you mean, if the kids saw our peanut butter swirl ice cream they would all want some and . .

SGirl: No, not that, it’s just that little Samantha Matthews she has this really severe peanut allergy and she could get really sick from being around that peanut butter swirl ice cream.

Jennie: Oh sorry I never even thought about ice cream being a problem.

SMan: Well that’s OK Jennie, but like Splash Girl said make sure that it is all cleaned up and nothing spilled around the pool area on account of . . . .

Jennie’s ice cream falls on the ground

SGirl: Oh no!

Jennie: I am so awful sorry, I didn’t mean to . . .

SMan: No we know you didn’t mean to, but thing is we gotta get this cleaned up quick-like before the kids get back and before the ice cream melts and runs into the pool. . . Go get lots of paper towel and any cloth you can find.

SGirl runs off stage, quickly comes back on, agitated

SGirl: The storage rooms are all locked Splash Man, do you have a key?

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