Do You See What I Saw

  • Cast Number: 26
  • Run-time: 40 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

When Jesus was born the location was a stable. And we know that in stables there live animals, right? . . So here is this drama we meet the animals who were there and saw the momentous occasion first hand. Although this easily staged script has lots of humour, it does present the Christmas message in a clear and compelling way.
Script includes an original song, “Come Kneel”.
(Optionally) Christmas carols could be added at relevant spots during the performance.

Cast: 26+


Horace the Horse
Raymond the Ram
Gordon the Goat, (kinda grumpy)
Leslie the Lion
Sarah the Slug
Donna the Donkey
Dempster the Donkey
Carmel the Camel
Arnold the Ox
Cara the Cow
Dora the Dove


Innkeeper’s Wife
3 (or more) Angels
4 (or more) Shepherds
Gaspar (Magi)
Balthasar (Magi)
Melchoir (Magi)
Magi Assistant (non-speaking)
Magi entourage (any number)

(any number of additional non-speaking roles would be useful for animals, angels, shepherds, Magi entourage and general street scene)

Set: no set required however backdrop of inn and stable would be useful

Lighting: spots would be useful

Sound: Song “Come Kneel” (Copyright DramaShare 2009). MP3 file is available to DramaShare members at DramaShare website, (see “TECHNICAL HELP” link, click on dropdown “Script Songs”)
(Optional) Traditional Christmas carols could be sung as each group move to nativity scene location.
SFX file for the Magi arriving

Costumes: Use as much, or as little, detail as you wish for animal costumes.
People, angels, shepherds, Magi would be in traditional costumes

Props: blanket, scrolls

Sample of script:

Animals are animatedly (no pun intended) talking among themselves, very excited

Horace: Well I can tell you that I saw it all happening, right from the very beginning until the end.

Raymond, annoyed: Oh of course you did! . . There goes Horace the Horse again, no matter what happens, always letting on that you were in the center of the action!

Horace: And so I am matter of fact, let me tell you, Raymond the Ram! . . I am fleet of foot, can run the full mile in . . well, real fast, . . just watch!

Horace runs around very fast

Horace: Like that, OK?

Raymond: Oh that’s not so fast! . . I can outrun you I am sure . . and besides I can jump real high and see what’s going on up ahead!

Raymond runs and jumps

Raymond: How do you like them apples, Horace the Horse?

Horace: Pitiful, pitiful is what . . Why I can run rings around you any day and I can . .

Gordon the Goat stamps his foot, everyone stops

Gordon: You two are giving me a vicious headache with all your running and jumping and yelling about who can do what best! . . I, Gordon the Goat, have a good mind to head butt both of you into the middle of next week!

Raymond: Hey, sorry Gordon, I didn’t mean to . .

Horace: We were just so excited about all we have seen and heard here, guess maybe we let ourselves go just a touch too much . . sorry!

Gordon: We are all excited, it has been an incredible night . . but if you will, some manners please!

Leslie: Well I gotta tell you that as a lion I thought I had seen it all . . but what happened tonight . . why frankly I am speechless!

Sarah the slug comes on stage very slowly

Sarah: I rushed here as soon as I heard there was something special happening here at the stable tonight. . . Is it about to begin?

Donna: Hee Haw! . . . Begin? . . I tell you, Sarah the Slug, it’s all over! . . Us donkeys were the first here and . . .

Horace: I beg your pardon, I will have you know that . .

Raymond: Donna, you donkeys were nowhere in sight when I got here and . .

Donna: Nowhere in sight huh? . . Care to explain how it was my cousin, Dempster, who carried the young girl here on his back . .?

Gordon, stamps foot loudly: I have reached my limit, your incredible racket has not only got on my nerves, it has brought me to the point of utter and complete severe irritation. . . Now then, since words seem to have no impact on you misfits I have no option other than to treat you as the uncouth animals that you are . . and you know what that means!

Gordon backs up a few steps, lowers his head, all actors react in fear

Leslie: No . . no . . don’t do that Gordon!

Carmel: We camels will see that no one gets out of line, don’t you worry Gordon!

Horace: Yes Gordon, we are cool, aren’t we Raymond?

Raymond: For sure we are, for sure!

Gordon: Fine then, but hear me well, don’t make me speak to you again! . . Understand?

all actors, fearful, mutter agreement

Sarah: Well thing is us slugs still don’t know what happened here! . . Is someone about to tell us?

Donna: Well, see, the first thing was when Dempster walked into town with the young girl on his back, and the boy walking alongside her.

Mary and Joseph and Dempster the Donkey slowly come on stage

Sarah: The girl? . . What girl?

Cara: Well us cows were grazing at the edge of town when they came . . I heard the boy call her Mary, and his name was Joseph.

Mary: Joseph, I can’t go much farther, can you please find us a place to rest.

Joseph: There is an inn up ahead, we will stay there.

Innkeeper and wife come on stage, see Joseph

Innkeeper: If you are looking for a room you are out of luck.

Wife: Sorry, all our rooms are taken. . . And my great businessman husband here even sold our own room . . Apparently it didn’t enter his mind that we needed a bed ourselves!

Innkeeper: I will have you know, wife, that the census has brought more people to Bethlehem than we have seen in years . . And who knows when we will have this many visitors again . . So I grab the opportunity for making money while the sun shines.

Joseph: But surely you must have somewhere that we can rest . . See, Mary, my wife, she is pregnant and I think our child will be born tonight.

Innkeeper: Young man, we have nothing, I told you!

Joseph: Fine then, can you direct us to another inn . . it must be nearby . . Mary can’t go much farther.

Innkeeper: I tell you son, there is nothing! . . Every inn is full . . Every homeowner who had an extra closet has leased it out . . . . There is . . nothing!

Joseph: Then what are we to do . . Where will my son be born?

Wife: I am sorry . . I wish we could help . .

Mary, cries: Joseph, I can’t wait much longer, the baby . . is . . about to be born!

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